K Town, Episode 2 Recap: Why You Don’t Piss Off Drunk Korean Girls


I hadn’t even had time to hit “Publish” on my K Town episode 1 recap when episode 2 was released. Damn you, guys, I have real work to do; but, like some sort of fiend with the shakes, I sat down and surreptitiously watched episode 2 while no one at work was looking, and then I felt compelled to write about it.

Remember when executive producer Mike Le said this:

“The first episode, we spent quite a bit of time just setting up the players, but beginning with the next episode on, you better hold onto your seats, because we’re going from 60 m.p.h. to 250. All the Asian Americans out there who are afraid this show is going to be too wild, well, their fears are justified.”

That man was not joking around.

Spoiler alert! Which hopefully you would’ve figured out by the fact that this episode is titled “recap”.

So, episode 2 picks up after Violet and Jowe have their tête-à-tête and settle some post-breakup differences. The rest of the crew have wandered off to a local restaurant to snack prior to hitting the club later that night. Jowe plays cultural tour guide and informs the audience that K-town has structured partying: il-cha: Happy Hour, ee-cha: Food and Drinks, sam-cha: Pre-party and sa-cha: Party.

... because apparently us Asians can't even party without first formulating a strict schedule... (just kidding, guys, you know I love you!)

At round 2, Jasmine and Steve call out Joe for inviting Jowe (Violet’s ex-boyfriend) to hang with the crew without first letting Violet know. And, also, Steve kind of has an issue with a “stranger” (I dunno how much of a stranger you can be when you’re all castmates on the same reality TV show) joining them for the night. Either way, mad props to these guys for calling Joe out; that shit was shady. You just don’t do that kind of thing to your friends. Joe defends himself by saying that he invited everyone out at once so he could recruit them for his Belasco party that he’s promoting, which, y’know, is kinda putting business before your friends. But, whatever.

Violet and Jowe show up, and all that moral high ground Steve had just completely crumbled beneath his feet. Steve (and Young and Jasmine) just could not let Violet and Jowe’s heart-to-heart go, and practically demanded that they give a full recap for the entire crew.

Way to make it awkward, guys...

Speaking of awkward, Steve suggests that the friends play a drinking game, “Who Here”. Each person takes turn saying something like, “who here looks the most conceited?”, “who here looks like a liar?”, “who here looks like they’ll have sex for money?” or, in the case of Young, “who here looks the best in… looks like they are the best at… is the best in… y’know… sexing?” The person with the most votes cast against them must drink, unless they predict they will get the most votes, which results instead in everyone who voted for them having to drink.

This is a game almost guaranteed to result in tomorrow's headlines reading about a triple homicide by chopstick in the heart of Koreatown.

I propose a better drinking game for the crew: take a shot everytime Scarlet dry-humps something.

If this episode is any indication, you would be plastered by ee-cha.

After snacks, the crew head to a nearby bar. Joe, it seems, is a Party Nazi, and all night, he is cutting the party short and keeping the crew moving. ‘Cuz nothing says fun like rigid scheduling…

"There has been 95% the requisite amount of fun at sam-cha. We will maintain the party here for an additional 15 minutes, but then we will all proceed to sa-cha. Do you all copy?"

At the bar, the cast meet Cammy, Steve’s “best friend” who apparently works as barkeep. Everyone does a series of shots, including what looks like the awesomest thing ever, the Seoul train. I’ll confess, at this point, I would be fuckin’ plastered, but then I guess that’s why I’m not a reality TV star. Party Nazi then death-marches the crew on to the club for the remainder of the night.

At the club, we come to a shocking and horrific realization: Jowe is kind of a douchebag.

Okay, maybe he’s not actually a douchebag, but he plays a douchebag really well on TV. Jowe and Violet flirt in the corner of the club, and then out in the hallway, Jowe lays on the lamest come-on in come-on history: “So, we look like the best-looking couple in the house. How about we kiss and get it over with?”

Seriously? Seriously?

... although, I'm not sure what kind of pick-up gems we're expecting from a guy who actually introduces himself as "the prince of K-town".

And, of course, it works.

This, right here, is the power of soju.

Meanwhile, Scarlet and Jasmine thoroughly embarass a guy at the bar who tries (badly) to pick them up. Although it was kind of mean-spirited, it was definitely one of the most hilarious and ballsy things I’ve ever seen a girl do to an unwanted pick-up. The camera pans to him after the two girls leave:

This is the face of a man who is contemplating drowning himself in that martini glass.

The group then notices that Jowe is, I shit you not, making the rounds at the club, and is, I shit you not, still introducing himself as “the prince of K-town”.

I shit you not.

Jowe starts flirting with a girl, and Violet (who is really, really hammered — you can tell by how badly she’s slurring her speech) just loses her shit. She confronts Jowe and this chick (whom Violet notes is lacking pants), and one thing leads to another, and, well…

This, too, is the power of soju.

Take-home message from this week’s episode: soju is some crazy shit.

Stay tuned for next week’s episode, when Violet potentially gets her eyes clawed out by some random girl who is both without pants and now dripping with vodka.

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