MTV’s Jamie Chung’s Skyrocketing Career

Jamie Chung plays Amber in next year's "Sucker Punch"

Anyone remember when Jamie Chung was that quiet chick on MTV’s Real World? You know you’re old when those you remember as the new “roommates” are now too old to be the veterans.

After her season on Real World, Jamie Chung was one of the only roommates to eschew the speaking circuit, the endless Challenges, and the paid party-goer gigs, and launched an acting career.

Chung’s break-out role was on Sorority Row as, apparently, one of the first girls to get slaughtered. I admit that, since then, I haven’t paid much attention to her career. But, Chung just keeps popping up in the most unusual places. She was featured quite prominently in Dragonball: Evolution, and I’m sure all three fanboys who saw that movie delighted over that White-washed travesty.

Recently, Chung was cast in one of the primary roles of Sucker Punch. The Wikipedia for the film says that the folks behind Watchmen are collaborating on this film, which explains the cool-looking visuals, the slick style, the interesting premise, and the unfortunate cheesecake factor that is guaranteed to have males aged 12-29 drooling. I’ll admit, the Girl, Interrupted meets Tank Girl element of this film appeals to me — I’ve always loved American McGee’s Alice, and this sounds pretty similar.

Chung is also making her rounds in the Asian American blogosphere this week after it was recently confirmed that she is cast in Hangover 2. Rumours have it that the boys travel to Bangkok for reasons unknown, where presumably they meet Chung’s character. The plot has all the indications of being a horrible litany of Thai hooker jokes, but hey, maybe Chung plays the sexy, intelligent, Asian American, feminist rocket scientist they meet on the airplane? Yes? Maybe? Yeah, probably not.

(Angry Asian Man also confirms that Ken Jeong will also reprise his role as Mr. Chow. Fabulous.)

In any event, I can’t say I’m a converted Jamie Chung fan (I haven’t actually seen any of her movies, so I’m not sure if she actually has any acting talent). But, I do think it’s kind of cool that Chung broke out of the Real World niche and is on her way to a successful acting career. And she didn’t even have to join the WWE to do it.

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