Toronto Sun publishes racist & sexist caricature of mayoral candidate Olivia Chow

October 27, 2014


(H/T V. Wong, @vywccnc)

Torontonians headed to the polls today to elect the city’s newest mayor, someone who will hopefully replace the eternally disgracefully (yet endlessly entertaining) Rob Ford. One of the candidates was Olivia Chow, a Chinese Canadian, former City Councillor and former member of Parliament. Chow was running as the New Democratic Party candidate and — if my Facebook timeline is any indication –stood a pretty good chance of taking the Toronto mayorship in a tight race; election results published just a few minutes ago show that Chow lost to Progressive Conservative candidate John Tory, coming in a distant third after Ford’s equally-as-obnoxious brother.

Yesterday, Chow’s campaign was forced to deal with a shocking cartoon published by the Toronto Sun, the city’s answer to the New York Post. The caricature shows Chow inexplicably garbed in a Chinese Communist outfit and with distinctly slanted eyes literally riding the coattails of her late husband, former NDP leader Jack Layton who died in 2011.

This cartoon is as racist as it is insensitive.

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AAPI Rewind: a brand new newsletter archiving all the best #AAPI reads of the week | #AAPIRewind

October 27, 2014


Are you always trying to stay on top of AAPI articles and news, but having a hard time finding the best stuff on the internet? Check out this brand new endeavour, launched by Traci Lee (@traciglee) and I (@reappropriate): AAPI Rewind!

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The Marysville-Pilchuck School Shooting and the Intolerable Price of Misogylinity

October 27, 2014
14-year-old Zoe Galasso died from injuries sustained in the Washington-area mass shooting Friday afternoon.
14-year-old Zoe Galasso died from injuries sustained in the Washington-area mass shooting Friday afternoon.

Last Friday, it happened again; and a nation where school shootings have become terrifyingly commonplace struggled once more to rouse ourselves out of our cynical numbness to muster the same level of horror, outrage and self-reflection that characterized the early responses to Columbine. But, with news of mass school shootings seemingly a permanent fixture in today’s headlines, it seems increasingly difficult for America to recognize that this “new normal” is anything but.

Yet, we need to find the energy to remain outraged and horrified. We need to keep questioning not only why these shootings are happening, but how pervasive and pathological our ideas of “normal” really might be.

Last Friday, 14-year-old Jaylen Fryberg brought a legally purchased gun to the cafeteria of Marysville-Pilchuck High School and opened fire on a table of classmates including two male cousins and three female friends — none of them older than 15. All five sustained gunshot wounds — most to the head — and as of this morning, two students are dead along with Fryberg (of a self-inflicted gunshot). Although Fryberg’s motives  remain largely unknown, early coverage from Fryberg’s classmates reveal hints of a story all-too-familiar: yet again, a young man was so angered and devastated by having his romantic advances rejected that he turned to violent retribution, and yet again, it is young women and men alike who pay the price.

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Scarlett, you are not my Major Motoko

October 17, 2014


For the record, I am dying to see a Ghost in the Shell live-action film. I grew up on both the anime films and the manga, and my fandom for this series is only surpassed by Snoopy Jenkins‘, who dragged me on countless scavenger hunts to collect the sequel films and the Stand-Alone Complex series before either were widely available in America.

So, I say this with total sincerity: Scarlett Johansson is not my Major Motoko.

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How both Bill O’Reilly and Jon Stewart got it really wrong on Asian Americans

October 16, 2014
Why? Why did this happen?

So this happened.

I guess because Bill Maher’s battle of wits (in absentia) with Ben Affleck over Maher’s latent Islamophobia went viral last week and Jon Stewart could be having none of that, Stewart invited on Fox News anchor Bill O’Reilly last night ostensibly to promote O’Reilly’s newest book — something-something-General-Patton-no-one-cares — but really with the singular goal of getting Papa Bear to admit the existence of White privilege (video after the jump).

And, if that was Stewart’s goal, he failed utterly at it. Instead, what we were left with was an incoherent 12-minute sputtering contest between an avowed liberal so flabbergasted by conservative obstinance that he was rendered largely speechless, and a Fox News anchor who looked for all the world like he was being held hostage on set.

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