Over 100 Cambodian American Refugees Face Deportation after Targeted ICE Round-Up

Protesters demand immigrant rights for Southeast Asian Americans at a 2013 demonstration. (Photo credit: 1Love Movement)

The Southeast Asia Resource Action Center (SEARAC) reports that over one hundred Cambodian American refugees have been arrested and detained for deportation after one of the largest Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) mass round-up operations in history.

The arrests come shortly after the Cambodian government announced over the summer that they would temporarily halt the issuing of travel visas for refugees facing deportation by the US government to Cambodia. Cambodian officials are seeking renegotiation of a 2002 U.S.-Cambodia agreement to address the separation of deported refugees from the American families.

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Authorities Suspect Murder-Suicide in Case of Missing Joshua Tree National Park Couple

Joseph Orbeso (left) and Rachel Nguyen (right). (Photo credit: Orbeso and Nguyen families)

The story of two hikers feared lost in Joshua Tree National Park — located approximately 2 hours drive east of Los Angeles — has taken a dark turn this week. Three months after the couple — 22-year-old Joseph Orbeso and 20-year-old Rachel Nguyen — was reported missing after embarking on a trip to the national park for Nguyen’s birthday, two bodies were found in an apparent “embrace” in a remote part of the park.

The couple was reported missing in late July after failing to check out of their AirBnB. Authorities discovered their car at a trail-head at Joshua Tree National Park, which prompted a search-and-rescue operation that spent nearly 2100 hours scouring the park for the missing hikers before scaling back operations in August. Nonetheless, family of the missing hikers never gave up hope that the two would be found.

On Sunday, a park ranger discovered two bodies suspected to be that of Orbeso and Nguyen in a steep canyon north of the park’s Maze Trail Loop. Now, authorities confirm the identities of the bodies and report that autopsy results also suggest that the couple likely died of an apparent murder-suicide.

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My #MeToo Story: A Childhood Changed

(Photo credit: Flickr / Ole Husby)

By Guest Contributor: Renee Ya (@dnldreams)

(Editor’s Note: Last week, survivors of sexual harassment and sexual assault took to social media to trend the #metoo hashtag with their stories. This is one of those stories.)

Is it fucked up that my #metoo story is also one of my earliest memories? In all, I can recall only about four memories from before I started kindergarten, most of them are relatively innocent.

In one memory, my father and I walk down the street of my childhood neighborhood. We were walking towards to the model homes. I was probably two years old.

In another, I run to the bathroom to grab my father some toilet paper. He had cut his finger making us food.

Then, there is the memory of me trying to drink water out of a chopstick. There is even a photo to substantiate my recollections of that moment. My babysitter, whom I love dearly, thinks it would be so funny if they switch out my straw for a chopstick. When I try to drink out of my straw-but-not-a-straw, nothing comes out. I start crying. I am maybe eight months old.

These are the innocent memories formed of a childhood that should have remained innocent.

But then, there is that last memory. It is night time. I don’t see any details of the faces of those crowded outside. I am locked in the cab of an old, beat-up, white pickup truck. Inside the truck, it is just me and my cousin, who is two months older than me.

Is it still sexual assault if no one touches you?

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Upcoming “Titans” TV Series Casts Ryan Potter as Beast Boy

Ryan Potter (left) and Beast Boy (right). (Photo credit: IMDB / DC Comics)

2018’s planned Titans TV show has it’s Beast Boy — and it’s Big Hero 6‘s Ryan Potter.

For several weeks, a casting notice (after the jump) had circulated among Asian American acting circles suggesting that Titans show runners were seeking an Asian American actor for the role of series regular “Jax”, described as a 13-15 year old Asian male. The character is described as “funny, self-deprecating, and charming” leading fans to suspect that the role was for the team’s Beast Boy.

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Open Letter: Reappropriate Supports the Asian American Studies Working Group at Duke University

Duke University Chapel (Photo credit: Flickr / David Ho)

For several years, students at Duke University have been working tirelessly to implement an Asian American Studies Program for students. The campus, which includes an undergraduate population that is nearly 30% Asian American or Pacific Islander, still does not offer an Asian American Studies major.

Student activists have repeatedly petitioned that the administration do something to address campus climate with regard to Asian American students. The hostile on-campus environment for Asian American students was demonstrated in 2013 when a fraternity, Kappa Sigma, held an anti-Asian themed party which included a really racist publicity email and party-goers dressed in geisha-gear, coolie hats, and other forms of costumed yellowface.

Since 2013 (and indeed, since much earlier), Asian American students at Duke have pointed out that an Asian American Studies program and major would go a long way towards addressing a campus climate that would allow a frat to organize a racist, anti-Asian costume party in the first place.

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