Reappropriate: The Podcast – Ep. 7 | #AAPI and Interracial Relationships

October 1, 2014

Think you know what a BAD is? How about a SCAB?

Episode 7 of Reappropriate: The Podcast is now live! In this episode, I’m joined by guests Juliet Shen (@juliet_shen, Fascinasians), KJ Park (@kyungjunpark), and Trungles (@trungles) to discuss how the interracial relationship issue within the AAPI community informs — and is informed by — notions of gender, sexuality and white supremacy. Definitely worth checking out!

You can stream the audio and video of the episode through YouTube (above) or just the audio version (below). Subscribe to the podcast through the iTunes store or through YouTube.

Next episode: Please join me next week (October 6th, 9pm EST / 6pm PST) for part two of my conversation with Cayden Mak (@cayden) of 18MillionRising on digital activism as decolonial tools of social change. You can RSVP to watch here!


Fox News guest is sorry-not-sorry for comments supporting Japanese American internment and Hiroshima

September 29, 2014

Wait a minute, Mr. Hoenig. Are you a terrorist?

Last week, I posted about a mind-numbingly horrible segment aired by Fox News’ Cashin’ In regarding anti-Muslim profiling. In it, hedge fund manager Jonathan Hoenig made the following commentary:

We should have been profiling on September 12, 2001. Let’s take a trip down memory lane here: The last war this country won, we put Japanese-Americans in internment camps, we dropped nuclear bombs on residential city centers. So, yes, profiling would be at least a good start. It’s not on skin color, however, it’s on ideology: Muslim, Islamists, jihadist. That’s a good start but it’s only a start. We need to stop giving Korans to Gitmo prisoners, we need to stop having Ramadan and Iftar celebrain the White House. We need to stop saying the enemy is not Islamic. They are.

This was commentary that could only be interpreted as full-throated support for Japanese American internment and the murder of thousands of Japanese civilians when executed in the pursuit of American military victory; Hoenig rationalizes therefore that anti-Muslim profiling is similarly justified (video of full original segment after the jump). Hoenig’s logic is so unspeakably flawed and immoral as to demand an accounting.

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Majority of AAPI voters in CA support affirmative action — so, who are the ones that don’t?

September 27, 2014
Asian American supporters of affirmative action at a  recent rally. (Photo credit: OCA)
Asian American supporters of affirmative action at a recent rally. (Photo credit: OCA)

I was having dinner earlier this week with a member of my extended family when the topic of race-conscious affirmative action and SCA-5 came up. My family member (who is not Asian American) was surprised to learn that I support affirmative action; he was under the impression that all Asian Americans were monolithically opposed to race-conscious admissions considerations. “What?” he asked, somewhat teasingly, “don’t you want Asians to be able to get into college?”

I have written extensively about how affirmative action doesn’t prevent Asian Americans from accessing college:  1) affirmative action does not permit race to be used as a determinative factor in admissions decisions so any use of affirmative action to deny Asian American access to college based on race alone is unconstitutional, 2) there are several ethnic groups within the AAPI diaspora, including Southeast Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders, who are contemporary active beneficiaries of race-conscious affirmative action, 3) East Asian Americans (e.g. Chinese Americans) who have been present in America longer than other AAPIs have traditionally been active beneficiaries of race-conscious affirmative action particularly in the mid-twentieth century when Chinese and Chinese American students were actively recruited to elite universities to end racial segregation; only in the last two or three decades have we no longer received additional consideration under race-conscious affirmative action, and 4) all students, regardless of race, benefit from the diverse student life that is achieved through race-conscious affirmative action considerations in college admissions through broader exposure to different viewpoints as well as better preparation for an increasingly globalized market.

All this aside, there is a persistent myth within the American political landscape that Asian Americans are universally opposed to affirmative action. Yet, nothing could be further from the truth. If anything, the affirmative action issue is one that highlights the diversity in Asian American political thought.

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Fox News calls anti-Muslim profiling “a good start”, supports claim by citing Japanese American internment

September 26, 2014
Fox News anchor Eric Bolling was joined by four guests to argue in favour of anti-Muslim racial or religious profiling.
Fox News anchor Eric Bolling was joined earlier this week by four guests to argue in favour of anti-Muslim racial or religious profiling.

I don’t even know where to begin. I really don’t. So, let’s just start at the beginning, shall we?

Last week, Fox News anchor Eric Bolling of Cashin’ In organized what he dubbed was his “most controversial” segment yet: Bolling invited on four guests to build a collective argument asserting that it was “finally” time to institute anti-Muslim profiling. Oh, yeah.

Bolling wasn’t wrong about one thing (in the midst of being wrong about most things): this segment was certainly controversial. A few other words jump to mind, too — like, “underthought”, “ill-advised”, “fact-starved”, “racist”, and “oh dear God, why?”. This segment made headlines this past week because one guest, hedge fund manager and proud Ayn Randian Jonathan Hoenig, declared that it was time to profile Muslims because something-something-Hiroshima-and-Japanese American-internment. Oh, yeah.

And while this might be the most obviously offensive bullshit uttered in this concentrated five minutes of intense stupid, it wasn’t the only offensive bullshit in there. Not by a long shot. No, the whole segment was like a monsoon of offensive bullshit flooding from their mouths: a veritable torrent of racist verbal diarrhea (video after the jump).

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Grace Lee Boggs: “I am coming to the end of a long journey”

September 23, 2014


It was recently reported on Tumblr by friends and family that Grace Lee Boggs, the powerful and inspirational activist and civil rights icon who was the subject of the recent documentary American Revolutionary, is in hospice care.

With the knowledge that Boggs would not be able to respond to requests for interviews or to take phone calls, Boggs issued a statement from her bed for well-wishers (after the jump).

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