Call for Pitches: Asian America x LGBTQIA+

It’s Pride Month once again, but in the last year, things have become more grim for the LGBTQ+ community here in the US, and elsewhere in the world as well. Books depicting the existence of queer people have come under the attack of concerned parents and legislators hell-bent on “defending” heteronormalcy; drag queen story hours are getting banned; trans youths’ access to gender-affirming care has become the center of a monstrous moral panic. Overseas, the increasingly natalist Chinese government has forced the shutdown of queer community spaces both in the real world and the digital realm; and in Uganda, a new law criminalizes same-sex relations with the capital punishment.

The current climate threatens the very existence of queer joy and queer dignity, and a grim fight for survival and for respect lay ahead of us. We are always here to make space for you to tell your story, and speak your truth.

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