By Guest Contributor:  tsonami

i’m not your scapegoat
never seen nor heard nor given a say
to be spit on and shot when you’re having a bad day
not considered a person of color
and only ever expected to answer

Where are you from
that you ask and alienate
even as i’m told to assimilate?
running your mouth without thinking it through
shouting communist china and kung-flu
parroting hatred from fox news
blaming me for a virus when the sickness is you
telling me ‘go back to your country’
without a modicum of irony
that you’re a foreigner too

Where are you from
This is us, land of the free
doesn’t give you the right to villainize me
which should be self evident
until you have a president
always pointing fingers when things go wrong
attacking anyone he thinks doesn’t belong

I’m not your scapegoat
we are all created equally
deserving of life, happiness and liberty
but your actions and words all disagree
with the foundational principles of this great country
so, if you look at America and don’t like what you see
ask yourself: ‘where are you really from?’ then get back to me.

Tsonami was born and raised in Brooklyn NY. Tsonami is a long time reader, short time writer. They are trying to leave the world better than they found it.

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