Please help support Angry Asian Man (and get a cool t-shirt)!


The godfather of the AAPI blogosphere — Angry Asian Man — needs your help! Phil Yu, founder and editor of Angry Asian Man, is running a month-long fundraising drive in celebration of 15 years since the blog’s founding.

AAM is the cornerstone of the AAPI online community, whether serving as a source of community, kinship, or leadership. Originally started as a side project, AAM has become a full-time job for Phil — and believe me, running a blog is neither cheap nor easy. Over the years, I’ve watched the number of AAPI blogs dwindle as life happens, which makes it crucial for our community to support and sustain those dedicated sites that remain around.

It’s time for us to step up and give back to Angry Asian Man, and ensure that this blog continues for another 15 years (and longer). I am already a regular subscriber (and have been since AAM started accepting subscribers). Now’s a chance for you to become a subscriber too!

In appreciation of his supporters, Phil is offering a limited edition Angry Asian Man t-shirt as a gift to anyone who makes a commitment to support the blog. It’s grey, and (presumably) cotton-y soft, and features art by Derek Kirk Kim. Subscribe now and we can be t-shirt twins, y’all!

Here’s an excerpt from Phil’s fundraising ask:

Each month, I spend hundreds of hours putting in the research, writing and administration behind running Angry Asian Man. I love it, but it does come with a significant set of costs to sustain — in time, money and energy. In addition, there are those everyday pesky issues of paying rent, gas, groceries, etc. Grown-up stuff.

Would you consider joining with me to help keep Angry Asian Man going? If you’re a regular reader, if this blog is a daily destination for you, and/or if you’ve found this content valuable, would you consider pitching in with a contribution? Your generous support will help pay the bills, keep the work going, but most importantly, affirm through your partnership that this work is important and appreciated.

Here’s the link to learn more about becoming an Angry Asian Man subscriber!

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