Why Are You Waiting to Help Make MILLONS?

We are so close to making MILLIONS. What are you waiting for?

I must be on the same wavelength as the awesome folks behind MILLIONS. 

On the very same day that I decided to write a reminder post to direct your donations over to the web series, Andrew and Melanie over at Jaded Media posted a “thank you” video to all the pledged backers of MILLIONS and urging bloggers to keep re-posting the donation information.

MILLIONS launched their online campaign early last week, and are seeking your help to fund the making of their first web episode.

Using KickStarter, Andrew and Melanie were hoping to collect $8,000 to cover a pared-down version of their production budget — and to raise that money in about a month. But, in an overwhelming show of community support, MILLIONS has already collected more than $5,500, which has allowed the filmmakers to increase their goal to $10,000 which was their original budget.

We’re hoping that we can at least hit the $10,000 milestone. We initially chose $8,000 because we thought it was more realistic, but now that the response has been so great, we hope we can hit our original goal. So please tell your friends, family, everyone! The sooner they pledge, the better our chances to shatter the $8,000.

Just a reminder, there are incentives for anyone who decides to donate to the project, ranging from producer credit to invites to the exclusive Toronto-based launch party. Also, you’ll have access to the cool little “thank you” video that Andrew and Melanie made just for us backers (thanks for the shout-out, by the way!)

ACT NOW! So what are you waiting for? There are only 21 days left to help make MILLIONS — and the project is so close to making it! Click here — right now — to go the project’s KickStarter page and become a backer!

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