Reappropriate is now running Disqus comments

Because I was really frustrated with comment spam and the virtually non-functional default comment box that comes with WordPress, I’ve now transitioned the site to Disqus comments, a popular third-party commenting system.

All existing comments have been imported into Disqus, so your comments haven’t been deleted, and may now appear in your existing Disqus dashboard if you already have an account. Disqus supports nested commenting to help organize conversations on the site, and also allows you to upvote comments you agree with (and downvote comments you disagree with). Also, HTML tagging is available: just add the HTML tag to your comment, and the comment will display your HTML formatted comment after it is submitted (note: we discovered that even though you can add some styling to your comment prior to submitting through keyboard shortcuts, formatting added without HTML tags will disappear upon submission). Finally, users should appreciate the ability to edit posted comments: you can find the link to edit your submitted comments below any published comment.

While guest commenting has been enabled (meaning you do not need to register with  Disqus to submit comments), I strongly encourage you to create a Disqus account to take advantage of Disqus’ many other cool features. You can create an account, or sign-in with your Disqus account or one of your social media accounts in any of the Disqus comment boxes on this site.

Please let me know if you have any issues working with the Disqus system. Comments submitted using Disqus will appear in the sidebar to the right, but the plugin will take a few minutes to refresh and see your new comment.

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