12 life lessons I learned from the incredible Robin Williams


By now, you’ve heard the news: yesterday, Robin Williams died of apparent suicide at the age of 63. Depression has claimed yet another beautiful soul, and left the world a little bit emptier of laughter.

For myself as for many children of the 1980’s, Robin Williams — with his cheeky grin and seemingly boundless energy — shaped our childhood. After the jump, here are 12 life lesson I learned from the incredible Robin Williams.

1. Greet every day with humour.

2. Dare to believe you can fly.

3. Strive to find your own voice.

4. When things are going good, don’t be embarrassed to let loose: sing and dance.

5. But if things mess up, it’s not your fault.

6. Parents love, unconditionally.

7. And, your friends are there to help.

8. For, love is eternal.

9. And, humanity is precious.

10. Even if life is fleeting.

11. So don’t just live life, live life with purpose: dedicate yourself to the fight against injustice and indifference.

12. Words and ideas can change the world. So what will your verse be?

If you are an Asian American who is, or thinks you might be, battling depression and/or other mental health concerns:

If you or someone you know is contemplating suicide, call:

  • 1-800-273-8255 (TALK), 24hr National Suicide Prevention Hotline, >150 languages available
  • 1-877-990-8585, 24hr Asian LifeNet Hotline, Cantonese, Mandarin, Japanese, Korean, Fujianese available


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