Asians Behaving Badly: Restaurant Brawl and Flying Teapots Edition


Proving that we are just as capable of bad behaviour as anyone else.

This video has been making the rounds this week. At a restaurant in Sha Kok Estate in Hong Kong last week, two groups of people got into a fight over something. It’s a lot of yelling and screaming. Y’know, your pretty typical mass argument.

Typical, that is, until  40 seconds in when someone picks up a teapot and flings the hot water at someone else. That person then chases the target of his rage around the restaurant, teapot swinging wildly like a weapon. I think he actually manages to chase the other person down and hit him multiple times about the head and shoulders with the teapot. Twenty second later, someone else picks up a chair and hurls it at I think no one in particular. People are screaming, limbs are flying. At 1:30, a white-haired elderly woman who looks about four-and-a-half-feet tall courageously wades into the throng to try and calm the teapot-wielder down.

It’s equal parts horrifying and (admittedly) engrossing… from the safety of my keyboard, that is. Video, after the jump.

Why am I sharing this with you? Because a dude used a damned teapot as a weapon. Points for creativity, y’all. Now, please don’t try this at home. It’s called personal assault with a deadly tea-brewing weapon.

(H/T: CS)

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