Judge Indira Talwani becomes 1st Asian American federal circuit judge in MA


H/T Nancy Leong (@nancyleong)

Breaking news out of the National Asian Pacific American Bar Association (NAPABA)!

Judge Indira Talwani has just been confirmed to the US District Court for Massachusetts in a unanimous vote, making her the first Asian American federal judge for the state of Massachusetts, the first Asian American to serve as an Article III judge in the First Circuit, and the second South Asian American female Article III judge in US history!

NAPABA issued a statement, saying this:

“Indira Talwani’s confirmation is cause for further celebration as we observe Asian Pacific American Heritage Month,” said William J. Simonitsch, president of the National Asian Pacific American Bar Association (NAPABA). “With her confirmation, Judge Talwani makes history as ‘the first’ of many titles and we congratulate Judge Talwani on her accomplishments.”

NAPABA further notes that with Talwani’s confirmation today, there are now 25 federal judges in the United States of Asian descent.

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