Governor Brewer vetoes SB1062, Arizona’s “Right To Discriminate” Bill

Governor Brewer vetoes SB1062.
Governor Brewer vetoes SB1062.

I guess my friend Mike Bryan of Blog for Arizona was right. Faced with mounting state-wide and national pressure from activsts, business leaders, her own advisors, and even members of the Arizona GOP, Governor Jan Brewer did the only thing that made sense.

An hour ago, she tweeted the above picture, along with the simple tweet:

Hours before that, she had sent a tweet that obliquely suggested she was going to veto.

So, there you have it: even Arizona’s not that crazy. SB1062 is no more.

How long until the next Republican shenanigans?

Oh, that’s right: South Dakota is trying to ban sex-based abortions because Asians.

No rest for the weary.


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