Janet Liang is in Remission

Janet Liang, whose battle against leukemia I profiled earlier this month, just posted this update:

Dear co-survivors: Happy news abound. I am the 12th patient in the US to undergo this immunotherapy drug — and I am finally in remission. My blasts went from 82% to 2% remaining in only one cycle of the drug.

I also have finally found a match – a 9/10 male donor. It’s not perfect, but I can’t complain! But now we are also looking for matches in the cord blood registry. My doctors and I will decide which route to go.

Wherever you are, please turn up the radio and let’s have a global dance party! 🙂

Thank you everyone for all your hard work. Now it’s on me to finish the marathon.


This is awesome news! Yay!

Act Now! Be the Match donor registration is quick and easy. I sent off my kit this past weekend.

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