Nearly A Hundred Raise Thousands to Make MILLIONS!

The makers of MILLIONS will likely realize their dreams of a first episode!

With less than two days to go before their deadline, Andrew and Melanie — the filmmakers behind MILLIONS — have hit their first fundraising goal!

Using KickStarter, MILLIONS managed to attract 89 backers to donate just over $8,000, and they still have just over two days left on their fundraising drive. It looks like the first episode of MILLIONS is going to happen — all thanks to the generous donations of folks within the APIA community!

But, as noted a few weeks back, $8,000 reflects a pared down production budget for the filmmakers, and ideally, they would like to raise closer to $10,000 to make a really high-quality finished product. So, if you haven’t donated yet, please head on over to the KickStarter page and pledge to donate. Every little bit helps!

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