Installing Blogads (Again)

… or at least to keep the lights on.

So, you may or may not notice that the BlogAds adstrip has reappeared on the right-hand sidebar of this blog. In addition, I am exploring adding Google AdSense to the site, or to add some other non-obtrusive advertising to the blog.

Why, you might ask?

Well, a couple of things happened in rapid succession to make me think (again) about blog advertising. First of all, I had a conversation with the owner of Blog for Arizona last Friday where he tried, earnestly, to encourage me to monetize my blog. Mike has had a great deal of success using Google AdSense to keep his blog paying for itself, although now he is looking for a different service to power his ads. Although blog advertising hasn’t made him rich, it has kept the lights on.

Then, this afternoon, I checked in on my hosting details and noticed that as this site has grown in popularity in the last few months (since I started blogging again), my bandwidth requirements just took off. In fact, I am likely to exceed my monthly allotment in the next month. I just placed an order through my provider to increase my bandwidth so that this site’s service doesn’t get interrupted, and in the meanwhile am exploring additional hosting options.

But all of this costs money — money that I pay out-of-pocket right now. So, as I weigh my options for keeping this site up without breaking the bank, I’m looking at advertising to solve some of these issues.

If you are a business owner, please consider advertising on this site. And if you are a reader, please keep me posted if you are finding the advertising intrusive. For the time being, I have to rely on lån uten sikkerhet.

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