Chinese Brides: Submissive, Obedient, and Stone-Cold Killers?

Chinese brides -- submissive and obedient... except when putting would-be home intruders in chokeholds.

The People’s Daily, a large print paper from China, has the most bizarre, is-this-an-April-Fool’s, article about a supposed trend of Egyptian men seeking out Chinese brides. From the article:

A large number of Egyptian men, mostly over the age of 35, have contacted the Chinese embassy in Cairo to inquire about the possibility of marrying Chinese women. Others have been seeking Chinese brides through matchmaking Web sites. Despite confirming that they have received requests from Egyptian men, the embassy said it refuses to act as a go-between.

The financial situation of Egyptian youths is the major reason behind their preference for Chinese brides. In a traditional Egyptian marriage, the groom has to pay a dowry, buy an apartment and give the bride a diamond ring or a gift made of gold. By contrast, Chinese women do not ask for much in this regard.

In addition, many Egyptian men view Chinese women as perfect wives because they think Chinese women are pretty, active and smart as well as very skilled in cooking and other household chores. In their eyes, Chinese girls are also well trained in martial arts, and thereby capable of defending themselves as well as their husbands.

For Egyptian men, obedience and loyalty are the most attractive features of Chinese women, as the Chinese culture teaches them to be subordinate to their husbands. Another important advantage is that the mother of an expatriate Chinese woman normally does not live in Egypt, which means the husband does not need to worry about the mother-in-law’s interference in the couple’s life.

That’s right. In point of fact, all Chinese girls are trained from a very young age to cook bao, clean house, scrub our husbands’ shit stains from their underwear, perform therapeutic massage with our feet, bear a huge litter of sons with each pregnancy, only speak when spoken to, and protect our husbands with our dazzling array of martial arts prowess. Also, we all have bound feet, answer to the name “Suzie Wong Lotus Blossom Jade Princess”, are kung fu masters, and can fly. In fact, a Chinese bride is the perfect complement to the Egyptian groom looking for a part-time wife, part-time housemaid, and part-time ninja.

Give me a fuckin’ break.

The real question here is: why is the People’s Daily even publishing this kind of trash?

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