Pepsi Refresh Projects Supporting Asian American Causes

Here are this month's Asian American-geared Pepsi Refresh Project ideas.

I really love Pepsi’s Refresh Project — every month, Pepsi pledges $1 million dollars to non-profit causes. Non-profits submit an idea, users vote on them, and the top few in each category receive funding. What a great way to spread good karma around!

Strangely, although the Refresh Project has been around for awhile, it only just now occurred to me that I haven’t seen anyone tracking and blogging about all of the Refresh Project ideas that are geared towards the Asian American community. Earlier this year, the Hep B Project received $25,000 in one of the Pepsi Refresh Project grants to raise awareness about Hepatitis B throughout Alameda County, which disproportionately affects the Asian American community. The goals of the project were to educate, screen and vaccinate 375,000 at-risk Asian Americans through funding from Pepsi.

What a great way for Pepsi to help support our community, a special victory for Asian American non-profits, and an awesome opportunity for Asian Americans to get more involved!

Now, we’re here in September, and another cycle of Refresh Projects are up for vote. You get ten votes a day, and there are conveniently less than ten ideas that I’ve found that are specifically geared towards the Asian American community (presented in the order of funding request size).

Click on the name of each idea to vote for them! Again, you can vote once per day for each of these ideas, and the top ideas in each category gets funding every month!

Transform lives of thousands of low-income Asian Pacific Americans ($250,000)
by Asian Pacific Community Fund



  • Build healthier communities
  • Develop Asian Pacific American leaders
  • Create a stronger Asian Pacific American voice
  • Provide the foundation for a brighter tomorrow

Unite Artists and Arts Leaders at the APA Theatre Conference and Festival ($250,000)
by East West Players


  • Host a dynamic conference & theatre festival in Los Angeles(June 2011)
  • Engage 180+ artists, arts leaders & educators from across the US
  • Expand “Asian Pacific American” to include often underserved cultures
  • Present new works to show the many faces of APA’s across the nation
  • Embrace all people in celebration of culture, history & performing art 

Fight Hepatitis B and Liver Cancer in Santa Clara County ($50,000)
by Santa Clara Hep B Free



  • Build public and healthcare provider awareness about Hep B.
  • Promote routine hepatitis B testing and vaccination.
  • To ensure access to treatment for chronically infected individuals.

Mavericks of Asian Pacific Islander Descent ($50,000)


  • To develop underrepresented artists as artists and leaders

Help Support Asian Youth Services Committee Based in Oakland, CA ($5,000)
by Asian Youth Services Committee


  • To preserve the existence of Asian Youth Services Committee
  • To increase general membership by 25%
  • To continue teaching youth leadership and organizational skills
  • To continue giving back to our community by volunteering
  • To provide a fun and safe enviornment for youth ages 12 to 21

Act Now! Obviously, vote (and vote regularly) for each of the above ideas. Oh — and I can’t believe I’m saying this — but buy and drink Pepsi to keep the Refresh Project alive. Apparently, a (very tiny, but nonetheless present) fraction of your money does end up going to a good cause.

Update (9/6/10): Added Santa Clara Hep B idea.

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