Leland Yee Receives Racist, Homophobic Hatemail from Palin-ites

(Hat-tip: Angry Asian Man)

California State Senator Leland Yee reports that his office has been inundated with racist hatemail and death threats, after campaigning to have California State University Stanislaus release information about an upcoming campus fundraiser by former Governor Sarah Palin. Stanislaus officials contend that the details are unavailable, however critics of Palin’s visit want to know if the former governor will be receiving her usual honorarium of $100,000 an appearance from the school. Tellingly, students from the school found pages 4 through 9 of Palin’s contract in the administration dumpster, demanding that Palin be given a hotel suite, first-class airfare or a private jet, pre-screened questions, and “bendable straws” (according to a press release from Yee).

Ever since openly criticizing Palin’s visit to Stanislaus, Yee reports that he has been inflammatory correspondance from around the country. His press release quotes a few of these comments:

An expletive-laden fax received yesterday in the Senator’s San Francisco and Sacramento offices says, “To: JoBama Rectum Sniffer Fish Head Leland Yee” and then in all capital letters, “WERE YOU TO EXTRACT YOUR HEAD FROM TREASONOUS MARXIST NIG**R HUSSEIN OBAMA’S RECTUM, YOUR BRAIN WOULD STILL FUNCTION AT ITS PRESENT MUCH DIMINISHED LEVEL BUT AT LEAST THE NIG**R SH*T SMELL WOULD EVENTUALLY DISSIPATE.”

The fax, which included a graphic of an American flag adorned pickup truck dragging a noose, also states “FIGHTING The Marxist Nig**r Thug Hussein Obama” and “Safeguard the Constitution, Death of all Domestic Marxists!”

Another fax received by the Senator’s office with a similar graphic says, “NEW WEBSITE COMING SOON: lyeesucksobamasnig**ras*.com,” as well as “JoBama. HE IS BRAVE ENOUGH TO KILL OUR UNBORN, JUST NOT BRAVE ENOUGH TO CALL OUR ENEMIES WHAT THEY ARE: Muslim Terrorists!” The fax also includes a rifle scope targeting a shirt with the communist hammer and sickle symbol dripping with blood.

One of the phone messages left after hours in Yee’s office voicemail says, “You know, I heard that Senator Yee wants to nix Sarah Palin from speaking at Stanislaus State…Maybe we ought to have a homosexual with a long enough di*k to where he can stick it up his as* and fu*k himself while he is on stage giving a speech. That would be acceptable to Leland Yee. So, good thing you run in San Francisco ’cause you’d never make it anywhere else.”

Nice to know the callibre of Sarah Palin’s most ardent supporters.

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