Sad day for my blog and a fresh start

I guess this is what those in the comics world would call a “reboot”. Although, in this case, it’s as if the Marvel vault burned to the ground and we’re starting over by handing Stan Lee a piece of recycled newspaper and some chalk.

Here’s what happened: I had not been blogging for a few months, and decided to return to the blog. Unfortunately, there was a problem with WordPress loading up, so I decided to upgrade to a new version of WordPress — there had always seemed to be issues between the version I was running. So, I upgraded and all seemed to be going well.

And then the shit hit the fan.

The long and the short of it is that my MySQL database, which stores all the blog posts I have written since 2005, stopped working. It was stuck in some sort of endless loop, indicating that it had been somehow corrupted. I couldn’t interrupt the loop to build a backup of the database. I couldn’t seem to contact support at Doteasy and actually have someone work with me to figure out the problem.

Then, I received word that if I didn’t fix the problem (myself!) service would be terminated. I would lose access to this blog. I would lose pretty much everything I would worked on in association with this site.

So I did the unthinkable.

Without a backup of all of my posts, and all of your comments, I deleted my database and started WordPress over from scratch. I figured, if I was going to lose everything anyway, I might as well try to make a fresh start out of it.

So, here I am.

Reappropriate is back up, in its nascent form. I have a clean install of WordPress and hopefully my database is once again stable.

Perhaps now is the best time for this kind of shit to happen. I haven’t been blogging in so long I fell out of the habit. But perhaps I can start again and perhaps new and old readers will return. I’ve lost 5 years worth of my musings, but in a way, it gives me the opportunity to start anew with topics that will, at least on the surface, appear untouched. Perhaps this blog can spark fresh debate.

And perhaps the place I’m in now, in a different place in my life than where I was in 2005, will only enhance this new blog: Reappropriate 2.0.

I encourage you to post a comment in this post. Help me test out the features and make sure things are running the way they should.

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