Activists Launch Petition to #StopDavidBond, Whose Videos Promote Street Harassment of Asian Women


Last month, I wrote about David Bond, a self-described dating coach who is selling a series of pick-up artist videos that promote racialized street harassment targeting Asian women to other socially desperate men. In self-published YouTube videos, Bond is seen making racially inflammatory remarks about Asian men and women, mockingly mimicking Asian languages, and using emotional and physical coercion, such as grabbing women, in order to force them to pay attention to him.

Revelations about Bond came just weeks before Roosh V., another infamous pick-up artist and founder of the misogynist and anti-feminist website “Return of Kings” (linked via announced a planned workshop series that would have spread Roosh’s pick-up artist philosophy — including his argument that rape should be legalized — worldwide. Roosh received enormous international backlash, and was forced to cancel the planned appearances.

Now, activists are hoping to place David Bond — whose videos include racism, as well as physical and emotional coercion of women — under similar international pressure.

A group of Asian American feminists have created a petition demanding that countries ban travel to Bond, nee David Campbell. In addition to the offensive contents of his videoes, Bond may also be guilty of violating privacy laws of countries like Japan, where it is illegal to secretly videotape someone; it is unclear if Bond has received permission from the subjects of his videos to publish and sell their image through his website.

In addition to the recent victory against Roosh V., a similar strategy was successfully launched by feminists and Asian American activists two years ago against another pick-up artist whose videos and tactics are remarkably similar to those of David Bond. Julien Blanc faced international protest for videos also created in Japan where the self-described pick-up artist engaged in street harassment and physical assault, and for workshops where he coached men to follow his lead.

In writing about why feminists must not end our efforts with stopping Blanc in 2014, I said:

Julien Blanc isn’t the exception in the pick-up artist community. He’s the rule.

Julien Blanc made news this week after a video from a Melbourne, Australia workshop he conducted through his company Real Social Dynamics went viral. In it, Blanc makes wildly misogynistic remarks about how to sexually harass Japanese women in Tokyo. He gleefully declares (perhaps hyperbolically, perhaps not) that on his last trip to Japan, he was grabbing women off the street and shoving them in his crotch, and claims to sooth their concerns by simultaneously yelling the names of Japanese things — “Pikachu”, “Tamagochi”, etc. In one video, Blanc teaches his attendees to choke women to assert dominance over them and make them more pliant for subsequent seduction tactics.

That’s not dating. That’s sexual assault, with a distinctly anti-Asian tinge.

…Whether pick-up artists are violently harassing women on the streets of Tokyo, or using subtle verbal and physical cues to target women on the streets of New York City, the point remains the same: pick-up artistry is about manipulation.

We stopped Julien Blanc from targeting Asian women with sexism, abuse and harassment. It’s time we demand that David Bond stop, too.

If you agree that there’s no place in a feminist world for the kind of garbage racism and sexism peddled by pick-up artists like Blanc, Roosh V., or Bond, I urge you to sign this petition —#StopDavidBond from harassing & sexually exploiting women in Asia — and share this post with your friends.

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  • Nick Restrepo

    You are completely out of your mind. Wow. I’m speechless.

  • White-knights and SJW’s to the rescue.

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  • Rockandrollmartian

    Ah, those pesky women not wanting to be assaulted on their way to the grocery store. If only we could live in a world where all of my man-child dreams could come true!

  • trer24

    The fact that a retiring Kobe Bryant is being received as an American hero in NBA arenas around this country shows we still have a long way to go when it comes to caring about what women think.

  • RizingZan

    They are clearly getting assaulted. You can talk about social activists all you want, but its a fact that this isn’t even anything near the so called dating advice.

  • RizingZan

    Hey Jenn… I am wondering about something. Besides one of the guys from Hong Kong/China, was there anyone else (man or woman), you think (whether it was video taped or not), that directly confronted him and his camera crew? I don’t want to ruin my day by watching any more of the videos. I watched only one and it was very painful I stopped within seconds.

  • Not that I’m aware of, but Bond received a lot of negative attention from Asian media late last year — long before he made news in the States — so I wouldn’t be surprised if others in Asia confronted him on or off camera.

    I wouldn’t suggest watching any more of those vids either. They paint a really pathetic picture of this person.

  • Keith

    Don’t understand how being a social justice warrior is a bad thing, but harassing women and objectifying them isn’t.