Reappropriate Reads: Week of July 6, 2018

By Reappropriate Intern: V. Huynh

The Creator Of ‘The Sexual Assault Survivors’ Bill Of Rights’ Was Just Nominated For The Nobel Peace Prize

“After being sexually assaulted in Massachusetts, Amanda learned that state law dictated that her rape kit (which contained genetic material that could help prosecute her assailant) could be destroyed after six months, even if the statute of limitations for bringing charges against her rapist was 15 years.”

Indian-American Women, Seema Nanda, Appointed to Head DNC

“’People are hurting all across our country. And I believe that Democrats are offering the positive solutions so desperately needed right now ? solutions forged by the strength of our diversity, the rigor of our ideas and the decency of our values,’ Nanda said. ‘I am grateful to Chairman [Tom] Perez and Mary Beth for selecting me, and I look forward to joining my new DNC colleagues in the fight for our nation’s values and future.'”

Woman Expertly Destroys ‘Crusty Western Men’ Who Call Asian Men Gay

“‘I made the post originally to poke fun at how toxic masculinity really hurts everyone including the men involved in it,’ she told NextShark. ‘As an Asian American who originally grew up in Texas, I was made hyper aware of my ‘otherness’ from a very young age.’”

Vine Park is Now the First Majority Hmong-owned Brewery

“‘Back in our old country, Laos, our elders… they would brew their own rice wine,’ Moua began explaining. ‘From that perspective, there is history as far as making your own alcoholic drink. But ever since coming to the U.S., there has been less and less of that.'”

TL;DR Countering Violent Extremism

“The federal government’s “Countering Violent Extremism” (CVE) program unfairly targets Muslim communities for surveillance & undue scrutiny.

Under CVE, activities protected by the First amendment such as going to a mosque, expressing political opinions, and attending protests can be considered “suspect.”

We need the L.A. City Council & Mayor Eric Garcetti to reject CVE $ from the Trump administration and stop stigmatizing our Muslim communities. #StopCVE #NoMuslimBanEver


“As reported by Berkeleyside, a man in downtown Berkeley, San Francisco was charged for using a rock to strike down an Asian American cyclist.

Jeffrey Frazier Pachingger, 38, attacked the victim who was unlocking his bike at the bike racks at Shattuck Avenue and Center Street. The victim lost ‘a large amount of blood’ and was taken to the hospital after the attack according to Fugitive Watch.”

The Year of Awkwafina Continues

“Awkwafina is part of a revolution. She is spearheading something great for Asian-American comedians. The rapper, television personality, and actress first broke out into mainstream consciousness with her controversial music video for her song ‘My Vag.’ Just imagine anyone not responding to anything with a confrontational title like that.”

Asian-American group hails rescinding of Obama-era admission guidelines

“A group of Asian-Americans on Wednesday welcomed the Trump Administration’s move to rescind the Obama-era policy guidelines which encouraged schools, colleges and institutes of higher education to use race and ethnicity as a factor in the admissions. The Asian American Coalition for Education (AACE) had filed complaints with the Department of Justice and the Department of Education against the Harvard University’s discriminatory treatment of Asian-American applicants in admissions.”

Trump Officials Reverse Obama’s Policy on Affirmative Action in Schools

“A highly anticipated case is pitting Harvard against Asian-American students who say one of the nation’s most prestigious institutions has systematically excluded some Asian-American applicants to maintain slots for students of other races. That case is clearly aimed at the Supreme Court.”

Why I’ll Still Put ‘Asian’ On College Applications Even If It Costs Me Admission

“I was Indian-American and I had no problem with that.

I was realizing that according to colleges, however, to have Indian blood is to be robotic, passionless and devoid of personality. Harvard, for example, is the pinnacle of education but apparently not fond of the personalities of Asians. To suspect a bias against Asian-American students is one thing. But to realize that the perception of coming up short in having a ‘positive personality’ and being ‘widely respected’ contributes to a 24 percent decrease in accepted Asian-Americans is another.”

 A Huge Blind Spot’: Why New York Asians Feel Overlooked

“Asian-American community leaders say that in New York, far from being the ‘model minority’ — a term many view as disparaging and inaccurate — they are the overlooked minority, taken for granted in the city’s calculus of political power.”

How Undoing Affirmative Action Hurts America’s Colleges

“But at the same time, the more recent efforts by litigants at some of the nation’s leading universities to advance Asian Americans as victims of affirmative action should be viewed with suspicion: Southeast Asians have some of the lowest levels of postsecondary attainment in the U.S. Confronted by similar socioeconomic and educational challenges as Blacks, Latinos, and Native Americans, these Asian-American students benefit from holistic admissions policies that consider multiple factors beyond test scores.”

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