Bobby Jindal just announced his presidential run with a hidden camera stuck in a tree

This is how Bobby Jindal told the world he wanted to be president.
This is how Bobby Jindal told the world he wanted to be president.

No, I don’t have anything really more enlightening here.

Bobby Jindal, everyone’s favourite hot mess of a presumptive presidential candidate, just announced his bid for the White House with this “I’m trying too hard to go viral; what is this social media thing, anyways?” video that gives the cat-stuck-in-a-tree eye’s view of Louisiana’s governor breaking the news of his campaign to his non-plussed children (after the jump).

Jindal may not break any popular vote records next year, but hands down, he has won the award for the single worst series of campaign announcement videos in the history of American politics.

The extreme GoPro perspective feels like the world’s lamest acid trip. Gusts of wind disrupt the audio. Bobby Jindal’s head is obscured by a tree branch. The Jindal family resorts to wanton bribery (“want to go to a fair?!?”) to manufacture Junior Jindal enthusiasm.  We learn that the best thing about Iowa is popcorn. And did I mention that Bobby Jindal’s entire head is obscured by a tree branch?

If Bobby Jindal was hoping to launch his campaign with the same vibe as the neighbourhood peeping tom, he has just succeeded. Bravo.

Who else cannot wait for the political shit-show that will be the Republican slate of candidates for 2016? Me. I cannot wait.

If for some totally unknown reason, you want to donate to Bobby Jindal’s campaign — and maybe at least buy him a better GoPro — here is his campaign website, complete with six other hidden camera cuts of his announcement to his family. These include such gems as “Let me plant a question about my policy platform from my children because they totally care about what I plan to do in office” and “No wait, a turtle is more interesting to my kids than my White House bid”.

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