Here is the Power Ballad Pac-Man Recorded for #MayweatherPacquiao. You Have To Hear It.

What more does the fight of the century need? An epic, 80’s style power ballad sung in Tagalog by a nation’s hero, of course.

Sometime last month, Manny Pacquiao recorded this song — “Lalaban Ako Para Sa Filipino” / “I Will Fight For The Filipinos” — and the official music video was uploaded to YouTube just over ten days ago.

At least there are no doubts as to how Pacquiao views himself, or how the rest of the Phillippines views him.

Reports the Washington Post:

“Generally, whenever he fights, the world stops in the Philippines,” said Nick Giongco, a reporter for the Manila Bulletin who has traveled the world keeping tabs on the popular fighter. “The crime rate goes down, there’s a cease-fire among rebels and government troops. It’s actually not formally announced, but it’s an understanding that whenever he fights, there’s going to be peace.”

Manny plans to enter the ring to this song. No word yet as to what song Mayweather will enter to, but we can only hope it won’t involve Justin Bieber.

Could I possibly look forward to May 2nd any more? No — no, I don’t think so.

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