The Day Reappropriate Broke


I just want to give a quick note to explain what happened today.

Sometime around midnight last night, a post that I wrote ten months ago about the police brutality case of Kang Wong — an 84 year old man who was beaten bloody by New York City police for jaywalking — went viral. And, I mean viral. I mean like it was viewed more more in a single 12 hour period than the number of visitors I typically get in a month.

Which is great!

Except that it cause my shared server to stall, my (former) hosting service to suspend my website (which I understand), and me to tear my hair out in frustration.

After some anxious conversations with my (former) host — who informed me that the only real solution was an upgraded package that couldn’t be set up until Monday — I decided that I was done. This just wasn’t working anymore.

So, I made the decision. Tonight, I left the hosting service that has hosted Reappropriate for the last decade, and which I joined when it was still basically a basement start-up. Or, maybe I outgrew it.

Anyways, after about five hours of work — in collaboration by an incredible gentleman by the name of Kevin at my new hosting service — Reappropriate is now (hopefully) stable.

So, for all my readers today who were trying to access posts at Reappropriate, I apologize for the outtage today. I apologize to everyone who wanted to read about Kang Wong’s story — or his subsequent filing of a $5 million lawsuit against the City — and found only a vaguely useless error message. I apologize to everyone else who was trying to load stories about affirmative action, or street harassment, or how Mark Wahlberg is a racist, and who couldn’t.

Kevin promises me that with my new host and my new (cloud-based) server, no more will a traffic spike exile this site to the land of the 403 Error. I hope he is right!

Please let me know in the comments of this post if you are experiencing any issues loading up the blog!

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