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Earlier this year, the AAPI community was devastated to learn that revered civil rights icon Grace Lee Boggs was in hospice care with failing health. Last week, the Boggs Center issued a statement that offered much relief to Boggs’ many well-wishers: ever a fighter, Boggs’ health has improved substantially in the last month.

However, with that happy news comes another issue: the cost of Boggs’ care far exceeds the funds she or the Boggs Center have available to support her. So, with that, the Boggs Center is asking for the community’s help. They are asking us to chip in — whatever we can spare — to help offset the costs of Grace Lee Boggs’ $8000/month hospice care (statement after the jump)

Here is the full statement from the Boggs Center:

Dear Friends of Grace Lee Boggs,

We are writing to ask for your support in keeping Grace Lee Boggs in her home in Detroit as she makes her final transition. As you are well aware, Grace is now 99, and has devoted her life to the struggle to stretch our humanity. Like her partner Jimmy Boggs, she has done so with minimal regard for personal advancement or riches. Grace has been living on a fixed income for quite some time.

Grace has always put the needs of others before her own. But now she is in need of your support. In September 2014, Grace went into hospice care. Over the last month she has become stronger, and it seems will be with us for much longer. She has been welcoming old friends and keeping up on world events. Still, she requires 24-hour care.

As you might know, there is very little public support for quality care to keep our elders in their homes. Grace’s resources are nearly depleted and those of us around her are limited in how much financial support we can all provide. Her care costs $8,000 per month. This is frankly more money than we have ever raised.

So we are making this appeal for assistance to raise these vital funds. Grace has established a Trust to which you can contribute directly. The funds from this page will go directly to the trust.

Because we expect that Grace may very well celebrate her 100 birthday with us, we envision a sustained responsibility. If you are able to commit to a monthly contribution, please select that option when you donate.

We also know that many people around the country have been sending energy, light and prayers to Grace and holding small gatherings in her honor. We encourage you to reach out to your community and host a fundraising event.

We also ask that you consider hosting a public showing of American Revolutionary: The Evolution of Grace Lee Boggs where you could share conversation about Grace, her ideas and vision of a new country. We will send you a copy of the newly released DVD and are happy to work with you in creating such an event. Please contact us about hosting a house party or fundraiser at [email protected]

We will post the results of our efforts on the Boggs Center website and on Facebook. All of the contributions will go directly to Grace’s care. Please note these contributions are NOT tax deductible.

Any funds in Grace’s trust account at the time of her passing, will be placed in a non-profit, the James and Grace Lee Boggs Trust.

We deeply appreciate all the warmth and thoughtfulness sent to Grace during this time.

In love and struggle,

Shea Howell, Trustee

Alice Jennings-Edwards, Trustee

Richard Feldman

Scott Kurashige

Yes, I have already set up my monthly contribution to the trust fund set up to support Boggs’ hospice care.

If you can, please join me in setting up a recurring contribution to Grace Lee Boggs’ care, too. Please help to thank Grace Lee Boggs for committing her life and her voice for our community. If you cannot contribute money, please help by sharing this post through your network, and spread awareness about Grace Lee Boggs’ indelible impact on the AAPI community and our struggles.

Update: You can also purchase a DVD copy of American Revolutionary, the incredible documentary chronicling the life of Grace Lee Boggs by filmmaker Grace Lee (no relation). All DVD sales proceeds will also go to Boggs’ hospice care fund.

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