Reappropriate: The Podcast – Ep. 11 | Horizontal Allyship

What does it really mean to be an ally? Is the language and debate that we’re using right now on solidarity and allyship too hyper-focused on White/non-White power dynamics? I invite on awesome Asian American Dawn Lee Tu (@dawnleetu) to discuss the concept of “horizontal allyship”, a term that Dawn coined to address the specific ally relationship between different marginalized communities, which may differ from conventional social justice allyship.

To listen to this podcast, you can stream the video and audio version through YouTube above (where you can see my wacky bang that refused to stay behind my sunglasses) or stream the audio only version from the mp3 player below. To catch all episodes, you can subscribe to my YouTube channel or to the Reappropriate podcast through the iTunes store.

Next episode: The podcast is on hold until 2015, since the holidays are kind of a rough time to schedule guests. We may have one more episode between now and the new year, but it is unscheduled and unplanned at the moment. So, please stay tuned to this blog for an announcement of the next episode.

Audio only version of Episode 10:

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