Help Hyphen make an important magazine issue on AAPI health go to print! | #APIHealthTalk

Hyphen Magazine, the nation’s premiere Asian American magazine needs your help to help fund their next print issue, which will focus on all aspects of AAPI health (more information after the jump). They have set up an IndieGoGo page and are hoping to raise $10,000.

Please head on over and donate some funds! They have plenty of cool donor prizes (sadly, the signed copy of Chang-Rae Lee’s “On Such a Full Sea” and “Charge Off” has already been claimed, which I would’ve literally bitten people’s arms off to get), so what are you waiting for?


Hyphen writes:

With their next print issue, The Health Issue, Hyphen aims to erase stigmas and break the silence surrounding API physical and mental disabilities and illnesses. But they can’t do it alone. Hyphen is a volunteer-run publication, and they want to continue these important conversations. Please support the Indiegogo campaign to raise $10,000 and bring this issue to print! me/at/HyphenTalksAPIHealth #APIHealthTalk

Get out there and kick some money into the bucket, folks! You could get Jeff Chang’s newest book “Who We Be”, a DVD of the documentary on Grace Lee Boggs “American Revolutionary” (what I ultimately chose), and even an hour-long conversation with actress and comedienne Kristina Wong (@mskristinawong)!

But most importantly, you can help elevate some important topics regarding public and mental health within the Asian American and Pacific Islander communities. And, that’s worth every penny!

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