Video catches Australian woman’s angry, racist & very public anti-Asian meltdown

Excuse me, Sue Wilkins, but your racism is showing.
Excuse me, Sue Wilkins, but your racism is showing.

(H/T Angry Asian Man)

I have “rotten” days and I don’t assault total strangers with racist verbal diarrhea.

But, not so for Ms. Sue Wilkins, an Australian woman who boarded a packed train during rush hour last week. Spurred by her own elephantine entitlement complex, the woman confronts a mother and her child and orders them to give her their seat. When they refuse — as well they should — Wilkins allegedly assaults mother and child and tries to pull them to their feet. When they still refuse — as well they should — Wilkins decides to call the cops.

That’s when the cameras start rolling, and that’s when things also get really bizarre. (Video after the jump).

Seeing the woman assault a child right in front of him, amateur cameraman (i.e. gentleman who had enough presence of mind to whip out his cell phone) Kareem Abdul caught what happened next on tape and posted it to YouTube.

After spending a few minutes on the phone with the cops (who were probably about as flummoxed about this call as you are), Wilkins hangs up the phone (at about 1:47) and is greeted with a train of appalled bystanders. She zeroes in on Abdul and a woman who is standing next to him, who appears to be Asian Australian. That’s when she pulls her eyes back into slants and yells out a string of “gook”. She also mocks Abdul, the man holding the camera for being a “bogan” (an Australian slang term for a boorish individual) who “can’t get a regular girlfriend, he’s got to get an Asian”. The Asian Australian woman, by the way, was not affiliated with Abdul at all.

A transcript:

Bystander: The whole train’s looking at you.

Wilkins: That’s great! I can video too! I can do that too! I can do that too! [To Abdul] He’s too lazy to jerk-off, he can only get a gook! He can’t even get a regular girlfriend! It’s so sad! He’s got to get a gook! [hysterical laughter]

Asian Australian Woman: What did you talk about? [indistinguishable]

Wilkins: [imitating woman’s accent] Tah-tah-tah-tah-tah-tah-tah!

[Woman and Wilkins talk over each other indistinguishably]

Wilkins: [imitating Woman’s accent] Wha ah tah bout yuh! Wha ah tah bout yuh! [pulls eyes back into slants] Dyoh! Dyoh! Dyoh!

Abdul: You’re fuckin’ scum. Holy shit.

Wilkins: [imitating Woman’s accent] Wha ah tah bout yuh! I tah yuh nuhty boy! Very nuhty boy! We go back China! Ah huh huh huh! We go back China! Ah! We take… uh we have struh visa! [to Woman] What’s wrong with Hong Kong? Why did you come to this country? This is our country.

Abdul: Fuck off! Shut the fuck –… honestly, shut the fuck up.

Wilkins: [to Abdul] You shut the fuck up, you bogan.

Abdul: No, I’m [Farki?] thank you very much.

Wilkins: Can’t you get an Aussie girlfriend? You have to get a gook? You sad, poor, pathetic man.

Abdul: I’m actually married. I’m-… I’m not with her.

Wilkins: Is it really that little? Is it really that small? You can’t get an Aussie girl? You poor man! It happens to the best of you.

Abdul: [laughing] Does it?

Wilkins: Yeah, I think it does.

Abdul: Wonderful.

Wilkins: Yeah! This is great! Look at this bogan here! He’s got a gook! Look at her! Look at it! Look at it!

Abdul: … you’re amazing.

Wilkins: Oh my god, isn’t it sad? He can’t get a regular girl. He’s got to get an Asian. That’s because he can’t get anyone else. And, she probably thinks he’s rich.

Woman: Just because I cannot get a seat.

Wilkins: [imitating Woman] I canna get a seat. I canna get a seat. I canna get a seat. I canna get a seat.

Bystander: [to Woman] You can have my seat.

There are terrible people, and then there is Sue Wilkins, who seems hellbent on finding all-new depths of pure awfulness. And lo and behold, there it is, on a crowded Australian train outbound from Sydney.

After the incident, Wilkins met police at the Wyong train station, and was taken to the local police station to answer questions. She now faces a possible fine of $500 under Australian law if she is found guilty of offensive behaviour.

Since last week, Wilkins has issued an apology via an interview with NineMSN, a local TV station. Wilkins said she was having a “rotten day”, was frustrated by her job hunt, and had just been swindled out of $100,000 by a man she had met on an online dating site.

“It’s awful what I said to that woman, I agree,” she told reporters, “there’s no excuse to rant like that.”

You’re right, Ms. Wilkins. There is absolutely no excuse, so you should possibly stop giving some. I don’t care if you were having the worst day in years. A lot of people have “rotten” days; most of them don’t decide to take it out on the nearest person of colour. Nothing excuses a flurry of racist taunts targeting a complete stranger whose only crime was riding a train while Asian.

At least have the decency to be honest, Ms. Wilkins; it’s not that you were having a “rotten day”. It’s that you were being a racist, entitled shithead.

And, by the way, I wouldn’t give my seat up for you either.

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