Help fund Good Luck Soup Interactive: a participatory story-telling project for Japanese American internees!


Matthew Hashiguchi contacted me earlier today to let me know about his really awesome web-based storytelling project: Good Luck Soup Interactive, which accompanies Hashiguchi’s full-length documentary on the lives of former internees, titled Good Luck Soup (currently in post-production).

Good Luck Soup Interactive aims to collect the stories of the survivors of Japanese American and Japanese Canadian internment camps into a web-based participatory storytelling project. Unlike other projects, this project is unique because it focuses not just on life in the camp, but on the life of internees after the camps and the full trajectory of their experiences.

Check out this video (after the jump) where Hashiguchi explains how the project will work.

Of particular interest to me was the project’s focus on not just creating a website to publish and archive the story of the internment camp’s impact on Japanese American and Canadian lives, but also how Matthew hopes to use the website as a focal point to create community events to unite the Japanese American and Canadian community, across generation.

Good Luck Soup Interactive is one component of our transmedia storytelling project documenting and sharing stories of the Japanese American and Japanese Canadian experience after they left the internment camps. This web-based, interactive component will complement, reinforce, and encourage participation in the larger effort to preserve this history through social media, participatory storytelling and community events. 

Our transmedia project also includes a feature-length documentary film. Titled Good Luck Soup, the film tells the post-World War II story of one Japanese American family that we hope encourages others to tell their own story through our interactive and participatory website, Good Luck Soup Interactive.

This sounds like a great project to fund, and I’ve already kicked in my donation!

Please join me in supporting Good Luck Soup Interactive through Kickstarter; Hashiguchi’s fundraising goal is to raise another $9000 in the next 10 days! Also share this post to tell your friends!

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