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Kaya Kwan Yin is a Tantra Sacred Intimate Goddess.  She facilitates healing sessions that help women, men and couples with intimacy and trauma issues, work with chi, chakra healing, reiki, meditation, fitness, energy and body work.

How do you see yourself as a sex worker?

I AM a sex worker.  I acknowledge sex, relationships, and intimacy as part of my speciality areas but intercourse or ejaculation are not the current focus of a my practice as a professional Goddess, I can and do have all forms of erotic fun with clients if I feel like it adds to our session.  I joke that I no longer focus on Happy “Endings”, I focus on Happy “Durings” and beyond.  Sacred Intimacy is a form of sex work just like the other forms of sex work that I have done including stripping, massage, Domination and Escorting.

A sex worker is an umbrella term for folks that work in the sex industry which includes compensated hourly time with direct or indirect contact like fantasy creation or coaching.  These days for work, I barely have intercourse, I am more of a hands on life coach but I used to have intercourse for money so I’m not at all ashamed of it.

As a Tantra Goddess, I am all about giving and receiving genuine love energy which doesn’t always even involve genital contact, its about developing a connection and bond with my client and what they are working on in life, using sexual energy to charge and motivate transformation.

I believe in the unification of all sex workers to work together to access rights and resources.  I believe sex work should be decriminalized and that laws criminalizing just the men for their desires does not make things better or safer for women working.  I was going to use the title Being a Sex Worker, but I wanted to highlight my inner Goddess for once, after 13 years of raising a fist as a whore revolutionary activist because the Goddess is more radiant these days than my sex worker identity, which carries with it a certain political activist history and leaning.  My passion right now is bigger than laws and even physical dimensions.

How has being an Asian American affected your life as a goddess and sex worker?

I do wish more Asian Americans would try to learn about sex worker rights as part of their human rights framework and examine the sex trafficking history that many Chinese Americans were born out of not as a source of shame but pride.  Why does Asian American history talk of the railroad workers but not equally of the many prostitutes that also conquered a new frontier?

As a Goddess, I now understand that Love really knows no limits.  A Goddess has a spiritual connection, a positive, confident, grace that rises above human suffering as her energy.

The Goddess that I named myself after Kwanyin or Guanyin is a the Buddhist Goddess of Compassion and Mercy.  She is popular in China, Taiwan, Tibet and versions of her existence are in many other Asian countries.  She is an energy Goddess that bring fertility, prosperity, understanding, empathy.  I practice Neo-Western Tantra, but the origins are from the ancient Tantra practices born in India.

As an Asian American sex worker feminist I already find it difficult to fall nicely into the prescribed roles set for women in the supposedly utopic United States.  I recognize that the rights and freedoms for women in modern Japan and India have an even further disparity than in America, so I am happy that I get to practice Neo-Tantra in the U.S using an appropriated Chinese Goddess name that helps me as a half Chinese person become closer to a part of my identity.  I don’t treat a man like he is God unless he is ready to treat me like a Goddess.  I do a bathing ritual to Awaken the God in my client but it isn’t the 007 James Bond visits Japan bathing scene in any way.  In my sessions we agree to love as equals, we work on achieving the perfect yin and yang state, we worship each other equally always balancing or working on that balance and that is a huge difference that I am grateful that being Asian American has allowed me to appreciate in my current practice.


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