Tumblr wants to hear about your awesome Asian Mom or Grandmom

Submitter Nicholas Chan and his grandmother (photo credit: Mother of all Stories)
MOAS submitter Nicholas Chan and his grandmother (photo credit: Mother of all Stories)

Caught this through my social media, and I think this art project is totally cool and worth sharing. Someone on Tumblr has started the “Mother of all Stories” project, which seeks to collect and publish short essays and other creative works by Asian American men and women, reflecting on their mothers and grandmothers.

Here’s the full description of the Tumblr:

Exploring and exploding all the ways Asian American women experience, appreciate, embrace, fear and/or are intimidated by mothers and mothering, Mother of All Stories seeks to bring together writings on the mothers and mother figures who have shaped our lives. The following posts are excerpts of pieces that explore how mother(s) or experiences of mothering have influenced the Asian and Asian American women we are today.

The Tumblr already has several beautiful pieces by Asian Americans of many different backgrounds. I’m really looking forward to more!

So, do you have a great story about your Asian mom or grandma? Email motherofallstories [at] gmail [dot] com with your submission!

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