X-Men #10 kitty-cat variant cover is adorable, but why do the Asian X-men have to be Siamese Cats?

Why you gotta make the Asian X-men Siamese cats, Marvel?
Why you gotta make the Asian X-men Siamese cats, Marvel?

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Because variant covers make beaucoup bucks, both DC and Marvel have been releasing stupid amounts of universe-spanning themed variant covers recently. This past month was DC’s “Steampunk” month, featuring a bunch of covers that were seemingly drawn by artists who had to Wikipedia the word “steampunk” first.

Not to be out-done and consistent with the Disney/Marvel let’s-make-everything-cute parternship, Marvel decided to rechristen January as Animal Variant month. They’ve got some truly outstanding covers, but one of the best is for X-Men #10: it’s an adorable (if a little NSFW-ly meta to the cynical guttermind) re-imagining of the all-female  X-men team as cute and bad-ass kitty-cats.

But, I gotta ask: why do all the Asian characters — Jubilee (on the far right), Psylocke (the purple one to the left of Storm), and Jubilee’s baby (the kitten) — have the markings of Siamese cats? Does Storm have to be a Black cat?

I mean, come on, cats don’t have races. Rogue is a Persian angora. Kitty Pryde Rachel Grey is an orange tabby. They get to be fun animal colours. What — cats are default White unless they’re Black or Siamese? Come on, Marvel. What the heck?

Check out all the animal variants — many of which are not racially questionable — here via Wired.

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