Studio APA releases “Turn It Up” music video ft. Tiger JK and Tasha

So, I don’t normally publicize music news on this blog. Because, y’know, I know almost nothing about the music world.

But, ever since I learned about the Strength in Numbers project by CHOPS, and kicked over some money as well as the “clout” of my meagre internet presence in support of it, I’ve been excited by rumours of this music video (released on YouTube yesterday) for one of the album’s most radio-playable tracks.

And boy, did it not disappoint. Here’s the result of the mash-up between one of the catchiest songs on the album and some kick-ass stylized visuals from Studio APA. Completely awesome.


I’m not sure I fully follow the “story” of the video — bad-ass Asian American superheroine kicks booty, and also giant robots? — but the Internet has failed if it hasn’t yet .gifed that dude in the White one-piece dancing. He will haunt me in my dreams tonight.

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