Are you an Asian American Millenial and in Southern CA, and do you want to be on TV?

Wanna be on TV? Now's your chance!
Wanna be on TV? Now’s your chance!

Myx TV is a brand new specialty channel that produces programming for Asian American Millenials; the channel is currently available through your cable provider in most major cities in the US. I was  recently contacted by a casting director for the network, who is looking for folks interested in being profiled for their upcoming show, “I’m Asian American, and…“.

So, if you’re Asian American, are 18-35, you live in Southern California, and you have an interesting story to tell, email casting [at] thirstytiger [dot] com.

A few show ideas provided on the poster are after the jump:

  • I Pass for White
  • I’m a Teen Mom
  • I’m Undocumented
  • I have a Bizarre Obsession
  • I’m Getting Double Eyelid Surgery
  • I’m Being Bullied
  • I’m in a Gang
  • I’m Living a Double Life

So, please help challenge existing model minority depictions of Asian Americans and get yourself on this show.

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