Join me for Pacquiao/Marquez IV on Twitter at 9pm EST

Pacquiao/Marquez IV goes down tonight starting 9pm EST.

Tonight it all goes down. Manny Pacquiao, coming off a grueling scorecard defeat at the hands of Timothy Bradley (which virtually everyone  — including me — but the ringside judges believed should have gone to Pac-Man), is facing off against his career-long nemesis, Juan Manuel Marquez tonight. Pacquiao and Marquez have squared off three times already over 8 years: the first bout was a draw, while the second two were awarded narrowly to Pacquiao although many watching the fights thought Marquez should have won.

Tonight is the fourth showdown between these two boxers, and both sides agree that it will also be their last. I will be live-tweeting the undercards and the main fight tonight on Twitter at @reappropriate. Please join me if you’re also a boxing fan!

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