Obama and Romney APIA voter sheets tell you exactly what each candidate thinks about us

Earlier today, APIAVote released mirrors of the one-page sheets targeting Asian American voters from the Obama and Romney campaigns.

Here’s the Obama 2012 campaign release (via APIAVote):

Obama/Biden 2012 release for Asian American voters. It’s a 3 page document so click through to view the full PDF

… and here’s the Romney/Ryan 2012 release targeting Asian American voters (via APIAVote).

Romney/Ryan 2012 one-sheet release for Asian American voters. This is the full release, but you can still click through to view PDF.

Take a closer look.

Yeah, that’s right. The Obama 2012 press release targets Asian American voters, putting the administration’s first term achievements (and second term agenda) in the context of the Asian American community. Each major issue summarizes how Obama’s accomplishments have specifically impacted Asian American voters. Moreover, this release hits multiple issues not often stereotypically associated with the Asian American community (at least not in mainstream media): we’re more than just the model minority stereotype preoccupied with our money, our schools, and our green cards; on the second and third pages, the campaign includes a summary of the Obama administration’s healthcare reform legislation, veteran affairs, and increased political representation.

Meanwhile, with the Romney campaign? Yeah, we get the assumption that Asian Americans only care about money, immigration and  -jobs and — more galling — a shoddy copy-and-paste job of the campaign’s standard talking points on those three issues. At no point, other than in the release’s title, are Asian Americans even mentioned.

Way to win the Asian American vote, Mittens.

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