Roger Mayweather’s Racist Tweets

One of the many ignorant Tweets tweeted by Roger Mayweather prior to Saturday's bout between Pacquiao and Bradley. Hit up the link to 8Asians for more.

8Asians has documented some of the racist, anti-Asian Tweets sent by Roger Mayweather, uncle and trainer to Floyd Mayweather. They were all tweeted prior to Saturday’s Pacquiao/Bradley fight, and while some are targeted towards Pacquiao, others seem geared towards other Asian American athletes like Jeremy Lin, or against Asian Americans at-large.

(On an unrelated note: what’s up with the glaring grammatical errors when it comes to hate speech? What, bigots are so filled with rage and intolerance that they don’t have time to proofread their inane self-absorbed scribbles? It’s called spellcheck, morons.)

There’s boxing trash-talk and then there’s heinous, disgusting racism. The Mayweather camp seems to be really, really confused about the distinction. But then again, maybe bigotry and intolerance runs in the family.

Hey Money Team — way to bring down all of boxing with your idiocy. As if Saturday’s decision wasn’t enough of an embarrassment for the sport.


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