Angry Asian Man Profiled in KoreAm

It's the Angry Asian Man!

Angry Asian Man Phil Yu is profiled in KoreAm journal, in an interview written by Jeff Yang! An excerpt:

The blog known as Angry Asian Man is the whirling core of the networked Asian American community, the hyperconnected hub where tens of thousands of people dock each day—sometimes hourly—to find out what’s happening in the cultural, media and political landscape of the nation’s most dynamic emerging population

Behind it is just one unassuming 32-year-old Korean Angeleno, Phil Yu, whose dedication over the past 10 years has turned what was once just a journal of personal musings into Asian America’s most bookmarked blog. The site, though it doesn’t allow for comments, links readers to virtually everything Asian and Asian American, from news (including weird news) and politics, to sports and entertainment, and is sprinkled with original content, including his ambitious “30 Most Influential Asian Americans Under 30” list, which ran last year.

But one of the things that’s created Angry Asian Man’s mystique is the degree to which Phil himself stays out of the limelight, rarely revealing anything personal. In fact, for the first three years he ran the site, he even attempted to blog anonymously. Which is why I’m honored that Phil, last month, was willing to give me the following Q&A—his most candid interview ever. A cultural critic who knows he’s part of a generation that doesn’t just welcome swift, relevant commentary—it depends on it—Phil has created what is now the most influential (some would say, essential) website in Asian America.

Isn’t it time you got to know him?

 It’s great to see Phil getting the recognition he deserves as the Asian Blogosphere’s grand-daddy blogger! Read the full article here.

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