AMC’s Walking Dead Renewed for Season 2

Michonne's introduction in the comics. Apparently, she will debut in Season 2 of the live-action show on AMC.

Just moments after I wrote my post about Glenn on AMC’s Walking Dead, I heard that the show was picked up by AMC for a second season, which is great news for a show that is primarily about character development and interpersonal relationships. Glenn, whom I praise for his integral position in the storyline as the unlikely hero, will have a chance to shine with more time on-air.

In addition, AMC spokesman Charlie Collier had this to say as he announced AMC’s renewal of Walking Dead:

“No other cable series has ever attracted as many Adults 18-49 as The Walking Dead. This reaffirms viewers’ hunger for premium television on basic cable. We are so proud to be bringing back The Dead again, across the globe.

Walking Dead is breaking records for cable viewership of a television show, meaning that it is likely to remain widely-viewed over the course of this season. Glenn, whom I firmly believe will come to be considered one of the more important and stereotype-challenging depictions of an Asian American male on television, will have greater impact as the show’s popularity remains high and as we delve further into his storyline.  

(Aside, just ‘cuz I found it on the AMC website, here’s a fun Q&A with Steve Yeun, who plays Glenn)

Minor Spoilers

I believe that the show’s first season, which should stretch thirteen episodes, is going to cover the first trade paperback of the series (and I hypothesize will end with Shane’s death and the decision to hit the road). If that’s the case, than the second season should pick up with the “Prison” story arc and will involve Glenn’s meeting, wooing, and marrying his wife Maggie within the first few episodes. Glenn plays a pretty integral part in the “Prison” storyline, which should be gratifying to see.

Part of the reason I’m confident that this is how the show is going to break up the first and second seasons is because one of the Letter Hacks at the back of one of the Walking Dead issues included a statement that fan-favourite Michonne would be appearing in the second season, not the first. Given the fact that she plays a critical role in the “Prison” storyline (which, in and of itself, should give race feminist bloggers ample material to discuss by this time next year), this leaves only the Atlanta storyline for season one. And, thank goodness she’s going to be make it into the show; frankly, I think fans would have busted down the walls at AMC HQ if they never got a chance to see Michonne the flesh — she is so incredibly bad-ass.

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