An “I Can’t Bear to Look” Elections Night Live-Blog

I really am not sure I can bear to watch the results tonight.

Polls on the East Coast have just closed, and Election Night coverage has started. Since I am actually in the midst of some writing for my day job, I’m going to do a slow live-blog of the results as they role in. Please refresh this post as the night drags on to get my take on the latest, and post your discussion in the Comments.

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4:47pm Rand Paul projected to win Senate seat in Kentucky, which we might not have predicted immediately following his victory in the primary (and consequent crazy-talk on mainstream media). Paul apparently did a good job of keeping his head down and distancing himself from his statements. The GOP also picked up two Senate seats from the Dems: Portman in  Ohio and Coats in Indiana. The night looks to be shaping up not so great for Dems.

5:00pm Chris Coons wins in Delaware. No surprise there, considering how terribly Christine O’Donnell did, although it makes one question exactly how powerful the Tea Party will be this year. In any event, Coons is awesome and brilliant. Marco Rubio wins in Florida which also is not much of a surprise to me. Exit polling puts the Senate seat in Illinois that Obama held at a dead heat.

5:03pm Woot! Dems picked up Congressional seat in Delaware!

5:10pm Nothing is sadder than seeing live coverage from the O’Donnell Election Night Party…

5:21pm Electroman notes that, after all the districts that turned blue in Virginia in 2008, he now hails from the only district — District 3 — that is still blue in the entire state after tonight. It’s not going to be a good night for Dems.

5:32pm Democrat Blanche Lincoln is defeated in Arkansas. You might remember Lincoln from this racist attack ad controversy that targeted Asian Indians and outsourcing. In related news regarding South Asians and politics this year, Nikki Haley is polling well in the South Carolina gubernatorial race, and will probably take it.

5:34pm Linda McMahon defeated. At least Connecticut hasn’t Jesse Ventura’d itself.

5:40pm YES! John Raese was defeated by Joe Manchin in the West Virginia Senate race. This was a seat that Republicans needed in order to take the Senate, which means that Democrats should maintain control! Although Republicans taking both House and Senate was a long-shot, I’m still happy to see that tonight isn’t a complete sweep for the GOP.

5:44pm Prerna reminds us via Twitter that Blanche Lincoln voted against the Dream Act.

6:00pm No surprises in New York: Gillebrand and Schumer both re-elected, Cuomo elected. Exit polls put it a dead heat in Wisconsin between Fengold and his challenger.

6:16pm CNN projects that Republicans will take control of the House. Sad, but not surprising. I’m saddened, because I think Nancy Pelosi has been an adept and fair Speaker.

6:34pm APAICS is live-blogging results for APIA candidates tonight. Great resource!

6:38pm Christine O’Donnell currently making concession speech. Now, can we hear Chris Coons’ inner monologue having had to run against her? Please? Pretty please?

6:43pm Arizona ballots close in twenty minutes. I’m getting butterflies thinking of the projections.

6:49pm Okay, I’m going to be leaving my computer for a bit, and will hopefully have Wi-Fi at my new location. I will attempt to continue to live-blog. See you on the other side, folks!

9:15pm Okay, sorry for the long break. I’m back by my laptop. I had heart palpitations when polls first closed in AZ. Looks like the Tea Partiers (Kelly and McClung) swept early ballotting, but the seats look like they might stay Dem now. I called that Proposition 107 is losing.

9:18pm Nikki Haley, first Asian Indian governor, elected tonight. Yay? Kind of?

9:21pm Was anyone shocked that John McCain won? Anyone? Anyone? *Cricket, cricket* Also, Brewer has won, someone should just call it.

9:33pm Kirk, a Republican, takes Obama’s old Senate seat. The third party Green candidate spoiled Democrats’ chances; had the Green not been in the race, Democrats probably would have retained the seat. This is truly an embarassment for Obama.

9:35pm At the end of the night, there will not be a single African-American in the Senate. And they say the Tea Party’s not racist.

9:37pm AP is projecting that Harry Reid has retained his seat against Sharrrrrron Angle. Great news out of Nevada!

9:44pm Disgrasian tweets: “Sharron Angle will not be the Senate’s first Asian American Senator.” HA!

9:51pm Prop 107 isn’t winning in any county except Apache. No on 107 apparently seriously dropped the ball on this one!

9:58pm Are we calling Huppenthal’s win for AZ Superintendent of Public Instruction, yet? This is the end of ethnic studies in this state.

10:01pm My fellow blogger, Mike, over at Blog for Arizona writes: “Clean sweep for the GOP in statewide races. Well, they can’t blame us for shit anymore.” Is this really the silver lining?

10:57pm Giffords and Grijalva have kept their seats in CD 7 and CD8. Otherwise, it’s a GOP sweep, and none of the propositions except 301 and 302 have gone favourably for Democrats.

And that’s Election Night 2010. Anyone else needing to be talked back from the ledge?

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