“9500 Liberty” Premiering on MTV

I admit: I’m one of the few folks left in the progressive blogosphere who hasn’t yet watched “9500 Liberty”, the critically acclaimed documentary by Eric Byler and Annabel Park. But, now, I haven’t got an excuse.

I caught on my Facebook earlier today that “9500 Liberty” — a film that explores anti-immigrant sentiment in Prince William County following the passage of an SB 1070-like law — has been picked up by MTV. It will be aired Sunday, September 26th @ 8pm ET/ 8pm PT on MTV 2, MTV U and MTV Tr3s (with Spanish subtitles). Check your local listings for more information.

Annabel and Eric (who are awesome and incredible people, by the way) will be hosting an online premiere party broadcast from the Coffee Party National Convention in Louisville, KY starting 7pm ET.

Yes, I will be watching (prior to my weekly date with Mad Men). Will you be joining me?

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