Sneak Peek of Ryan Reynold’s Green Lantern

For all you fanboys and fangirls who read this blog, Ain’t It Cool News posts that Ryan Reynolds’ Hal Jordan Green Lantern has been revealed in the pages of Entertainment Weekly. Here’s what the new costume will look like:

What? No boxing glove construct?

This is an… interesting… take on a GL costume. It’s got the same general colouring as the standard Hal Jordan GL costume that we’re familiar with, but what is up with that texturing? Given that a GL’s costume is generally a manifestation of how the Lantern views him or herself, one has to wonder if Ryan Reynold’s Hal Jordan has the Trojan-Man on the brain. Is he “now ribbed for her pleasure”?

I’m also not crazy about the mask. It’s got an odd angle on it, that makes it look distractingly CGI.

What I do like about the costume, though, is the concept of green light emerging from between the costume’s ribbing. I think that if the effect is sustained through the film, it could be very cool looking. In addition, I like how the ribbing accentuates the GL symbol on the chest, and gives the general effect of the suit being a second skin, rather than spandex. Also, the internal light seems to emanate from the GL symbol, which visually reminds us of this GL’s power source.

I’m a little concerned about that sculpted washboard ab thing. The overly-emphasized musclature of this Hal Jordan threatens to be a little like the nipples on the Bat-Suit — unnecessary and, ultimately, flamboyantly excessive.

Still, I’m a fan of Ryan Reynolds as Hal Jordan, and look forward to what they’re going to do in this movie. I certainly care more about this movie, than I do about the upcoming Thor live-action. I mean, Thor? Really?  

And speaking of which, say what you will about Ryan Reynold’s GL costume, at least he looks better than Chris Hemsworth’s Thor.

The storyline of the upcoming film will follow Thor as he seeks revenge on Loki for replacing his chainmail with this cheap plastic replica.
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