“Too Yellow” to Travel?

If we ever had any doubts that the powers-that-be handling travel and immigration discriminate against people of colour, check out this post that’s gone totally viral.

An Asian-American gentlemen named Mr. Li recently applied for a U.S. passport so that he could travel. After submitting all of the appropriate paperwork, he got back the following letter from the U.S. State Department:

click to enlarge

That’s right. The reason given to Mr. Li as to why his application is being denied is because his image is “too yellow”.

Apparently, Asian-Americans just don’t have the right skin colour to travel.

I wonder whether Mr. Li’s also the wrong shade to visit Arizona? After all, Jan Brewer recently told CNN that a drivers’ license would be insufficient to demonstrate citizenship, so it sounds like (despite the text of SB 1070) Arizona residents and tourists are going to need to have a birth certificate or U.S. passport to avoid police harassment. If poor Mr. Li visited Arizona, the cops here might try to deport him to Hawaii or something.

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