Trying to Be Back. Again.

I realize that I haven’t blogged in awhile. I also realize that I blog primarily for myself.

Lately, I’ve let my blogging lapse as real life has sunken in. I am in a desperate crunch to try and finish my research, defend, and graduate with a doctoral degree. In addition, I’ve become quite the gym rat — which is great for my resting heart rate, but terrible for my free time. I’ve fallen into a pattern of avoiding my computer when not at work, which leaves almost no time for blogging obligations.

But, I’ve also found myself missing the routine of blogging, and the forced awareness that blogging lends itself to the politically conscious blogger. I frequently come across items that are “blog-worthy”, yet fail to find the motivation to write about it. Yet, writing this blog is something I’m very proud of. So, I’ve resolved to return to regular writing; hopefully I can keep this up past the next few months.

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