Cerebrogenesis (9)

This is a super late edition of Cerebrogenesis, with some backed-up news articles I’ve been collecting over the last little while. Apologies for the parity of blog posts, I haven’t had much time to read.

  • Canada to arm border guards along U.S. border. Apparently, following in the footsteps of our paranoid neighbours to the south, Canada has decided that our border is just not safe enough. Turns out that we now feel that we also need to be arming guards, on the off-chance that a terrorist decides to cross from the U.S. into Canada. I’m not sure I like the message being sent here: sure border security is important, but I dislike the idea that Canada is becoming less friendly to border-crossing. One of Canada’s signatures is how we’re more friendly, more open, and more welcoming to visitors than the U.S. — and this, I see, is an “Americanizing” of our country’s culture.
  • A Brain of One’s Own, an article reviewing a book written that defends the sexual dimorphism of human brains. For my take on this, see my recent post: Sexual Dimorphism and Feminism
  • General Motors Drops ‘Survivor’ — apparently not in response to the “Racial Segregation” ploy, though the news dropped today that G.M. has decided they no longer want to be associated with the show. I don’t buy the fact that G.M. felt that it didn’t want to be sunk by the political incorrectness of the latest season — why else would G.M. announce the news now, as opposed to earlier in this season’s developmental process?
  • Latest ACT scores by race, by Asian-Nation. On a related note, in the last few days, the SAT board announced that the class of 2006 had experienced the greatest drop in scores since the 1970’s, and the AP article included a report of the drop in scores by gender and by race — except Asian. What’s that all about?
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