Asians Behaving Badly: Restaurant Brawl and Flying Teapots Edition

Posted By Jenn


Proving that we are just as capable of bad behaviour as anyone else.

This video has been making the rounds this week. At a restaurant in Sha Kok Estate in Hong Kong last week, two groups of people got into a fight over something. It’s a lot of yelling and screaming. Y’know, your pretty typical mass argument.

Typical, that is, until  40 seconds in when someone picks up a teapot and flings the hot water at someone else. That person then chases the target of his rage around the restaurant, teapot swinging wildly like a weapon. I think he actually manages to chase the other person down and hit him multiple times about the head and shoulders with the teapot. Twenty second later, someone else picks up a chair and hurls it at I think no one in particular. People are screaming, limbs are flying. At 1:30, a white-haired elderly woman who looks about four-and-a-half-feet tall courageously wades into the throng to try and calm the teapot-wielder down.

It’s equal parts horrifying and (admittedly) engrossing… from the safety of my keyboard, that is. Video, after the jump.

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