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Silicon Valley’s Kumail Nanjiani and Thomas Middleditch Harassed as #EmboldenedRacists Get Even Bolder

November 14, 2016
HBO's Silicon Valley's Thomas Middleditch (left) and Kumail Nanjiani (right). (Photo credit: Getty)
HBO’s Silicon Valley’s Thomas Middleditch (left) and Kumail Nanjiani (right). (Photo credit: Getty)

Silicon Valley‘s stars Thomas Middleditch and Kumail Nanjiani tweeted over the weekend that they were targets of harassment Friday night by two Trump supporters who decided to use the occasion of Donald Trump’s presidential election to threaten the actors with sexist insults.

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Mark Wahlberg Ends Request for Pardon in Anti-Asian Assault Conviction

September 16, 2016
Mark Wahlberg

Last week, actor Mark Wahlberg said in an interview at the Toronto Film Festival that he “regrets” filing a request in late 2014 to be pardoned for an assault conviction after he beat an elderly Vietnamese American man in 1988. I first reported about Wahlberg’s request in 2014, and that post quickly became one of the most shared posts in the blog’s history (crashing my server and necessitating a host migration; thanks Marky Mark!).

In that post, I described the details of the assault involving a teenaged Mark Wahlberg:

In 1988, Wahlberg was arrested and charged with attempted murder for attacking Vietnamese American Thanh Lam on April 8th of that year. According to the criminal complaint, Lam was unloading his car when Wahlberg approached him with a wooden club, called him a “Vietnam fucking shit”. He then smashed the middle-aged man in the head so severely he broke the stick in two. Wahlberg then fled with two friends when police appeared. A few blocks away from where Lam was assaulted, Walberg encountered Hoah Trinh, also Vietnamese American. Wahlberg approached Trinh and, after waiting for a police cruiser to pass, punched Trinh in the eye, permanently blinding him.

Police were able to detain Wahlberg later that night, at which point Wahlberg confessed to assaulting Lam saying, “you don’t have to let him identify me, I’ll tell you now that’s the mother-fucker who’s head I split open.” When Trinh identified Wahlberg as also having punched him in the eye, Wahlberg was arrested, at which point he reportedly let loose a string of racist anti-Asian slurs, including “gook” and “slant-eyed gooks”.

Initially charged with attempted murder, Wahlberg later plead guilty to assault and served forty-five days in jail stemming from the 1988 assault.

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NYPD Seeking Information on Suspects in Apparent Anti-Asian Hate Crime Assault

July 29, 2016
Surveillance video of suspects in an anti-Asian hate crime that allegedly occurred on the New York subway last month. (Photo credit: NYPD)
Surveillance video of suspects in an anti-Asian hate crime that allegedly occurred on the New York subway last month. (Photo credit: NYPD)

Gothamist reports today that the NYPD are seeking the public’s help in identifying two suspects in an alleged anti-Asian hate crime that occurred last month on the New York City subway.

According to police, a 29 year old Asian American woman was riding the 1 subway with her parents when she reported that two women boarded the car she was in at the 86th street station. The women, who were reportedly wearing multicoloured leis, approached the victim and began beating her while shouting anti-Asian slurs.

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Suspect in Triple Homicide Found Mentally Incompetent to Stand Trial As Family Demands Hate Crime Charges

April 7, 2016
Dan Popp appears in court. (Photo credit: Fox6)
Dan Popp appears in court. (Photo credit: Fox6)

The suspect in a triple homicide that claimed the lives of three people of colour was found mentally incompetent to stand trial today, and was transferred to a mental health facility pending treatment.

Last month, Dan Popp was arrested after he allegedly shot to death his neighbour Jesus Manso-Perez and wounding Manso-Perez’s son, before allegedly breaking into the home of Phia and Mai Vue — both Hmong American —  and killing them in front of their horrified children and babysitter. Popp reportedly remarked on Manso-Perez’s ethnicity — he was Puerto Rican — saying that “you guys got to go” before Popp embarked on the unprovoked shooting spree.

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Three Killed by Neighbour in Xenophobic Shooting in Wisconsin

March 14, 2016
Phia and Mai Vue. (Photo Credit: Vue/Xiong Family / GoFundMe)
Phia and Mai Vue. (Photo Credit: Vue/Xiong Family / GoFundMe)

On the evening of Saturday, March 5th, 39-year-old Dan Popp was by his apartment when he called out to 40-year-old Jesus R. Manso-Perez — a neighbour who was going to their building’s common laundry room with his son — to offer him a beer. Manso-Perez refused the offer, at which point Popp asked him where he was from. When Manso-Perez responded that he was from Puerto Rico, Popp allegedly said, “Oh, that’s why you don’t speak English. You’re Puerto Rican.”

Minutes later, as Manso-Perez and his son walked back from the laundry room, Popp again confronted the father and son, this time with a rifle in hand. According to Manso-Perez’s son, who survived the attack, Popp shot them at point-blank range saying, “You guys got to go.”

After shooting Manso-Perez and his son, Popp allegedly then kicked down the door of 36-year-old Phia Vue and his 32-year-old wife, Mai K. Vue where he found the couple along with their four children and a babysitter. Popp allegedly shot and killed Phia in the family’s home, and then dragged Mai Vue upstairs where he shot and killed her. The babysitter and the four children were able to escape during the chaos.

As far as I’m concerned, this is what a hate crime looks like — one that I find unspeakably tragic and enraging.

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