Google AdSense is Installed

After waiting what seemed like an inordinate amount of time, I finally received notice today that my Google AdSense account has been approved. Hopefully this will help the blog start making the kind of money it needs to make in order to stay afloat.

In addition, I have always wanted to generate sufficient revenue from this blog to make monthly donations from the profits to non-profit feminist and/or Asian American groups. To me, it’s not enough to just blog — that makes me little more than a flapping head. But if we can generate some real, hold-it-in-your-hand tangible good from this blog? How amazing! I’m hoping that the ads on this site will be successful enough for us to do this.

So, consider this the trial run. I’ll post updates on how the ads are performing, and if it looks like I’m generating enough to make some donations, I will keep you guys posted on those donations.

Please let me know if these ads are disruptive to your Reappropriate-viewing experience. I have installed a header banner ad, and one in the sidebar mid-way through the usual sidebar content. This will require some more scrolling for those who use the sidebar, but otherwise I think it’s a pretty good integration.

Based on AdSense’s policies, I cannot ask you guys to clickthrough the ads. I will however tell you that my revenue is based on clickthroughs, and let you decide for yourself what you want to do. Please do not “click spam” the ads (click, hit back, click, hit back, …repeat) as this is an easy way for me to get kicked off AdSense.

And so, let the blog-monetizing experiment begin!

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In Case This Blog Goes Down…

This site may be temporarily down between now and October 31st. I hope it won’t be. But just FYI. Hopefully there will be no service interruption, but if there is, I will be back very shortly.

Update: The problem has been resolved! Basically, I had less than 200 MB of traffic quota left, and was unsure if my payment was going to process in enough time to buy more bandwidth before I went over. But, thankfully, with only 80MB to spare, my order processed and we are good to go! 

Thanks for your patience!

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Installing Blogads (Again)

… or at least to keep the lights on.

So, you may or may not notice that the BlogAds adstrip has reappeared on the right-hand sidebar of this blog. In addition, I am exploring adding Google AdSense to the site, or to add some other non-obtrusive advertising to the blog.

Why, you might ask?

Well, a couple of things happened in rapid succession to make me think (again) about blog advertising. First of all, I had a conversation with the owner of Blog for Arizona last Friday where he tried, earnestly, to encourage me to monetize my blog. Mike has had a great deal of success using Google AdSense to keep his blog paying for itself, although now he is looking for a different service to power his ads. Although blog advertising hasn’t made him rich, it has kept the lights on.

Then, this afternoon, I checked in on my hosting details and noticed that as this site has grown in popularity in the last few months (since I started blogging again), my bandwidth requirements just took off. In fact, I am likely to exceed my monthly allotment in the next month. I just placed an order through my provider to increase my bandwidth so that this site’s service doesn’t get interrupted, and in the meanwhile am exploring additional hosting options.

But all of this costs money — money that I pay out-of-pocket right now. So, as I weigh my options for keeping this site up without breaking the bank, I’m looking at advertising to solve some of these issues.

If you are a business owner, please consider advertising on this site. And if you are a reader, please keep me posted if you are finding the advertising intrusive. For the time being, I have to rely on lån uten sikkerhet.

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Official Twitter Button Implemented (via TweetMeme) — and How to Manually Position It

I’ve replaced the TweetMeme button with the official Twitter button, which should not alter functionality for the site, but may cause some of the tweet counts for each post to change (since the older button used a different metric for counting how often a post got tweeted).

I’m also writing this post because there doesn’t seem to be documentation on the Internet about how to manually position TweetMeme’s version of the official twitter button directly into your WordPress layout.

To use the “Manual” feature for TweetMeme’s Official Twitter button, do this:

  1. Download and install the latest version (1.9) of the plugin.
  2. Activate the plugin in your dashboard.
  3. In your dashboard, go to the options page for the official Twitter button, which is located as a sub-menu of the TweetMeme drill-down.
  4. Set your various options. For display, choose “Manual”.
  5. Open your theme file where you would like the button to display (e.g. index.php or single.php) in Notepad or some other text editor.
  6. Wherever you would like your Twitter button to display, copy and paste the following code:

    <? php if (function_exists('twitter_generate_button')) echo twitter_generate_button(); ?>

  7. Save and upload your file.


Update: It’s also possible (I found it necessary) to alter the file so that post attributes (e.g. post title) would actually be displayed in the tweet textarea. If there’s interest, I will make my changes to that file available.

Also, I’ve noticed that the Twitter count seems to be reverting to 0 — at least when I tweet. If you notice this is also happening for you, please let me know so I can figure out what’s wrong with the tweet  count.

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