26 Years After the Murder of Latasha Harlins, Asian Americans Still Have a Lot of Work to do Around Anti-Blackness

A screen capture of cellphone footage showing violence that erupted between an unidentified customer and the owner of Missha Beauty in North Carolina.

In Charlotte, North Carolina, the Black community is calling for a boycott of Missha Beauty  after the owner Sung Ho Lim and another female employee were caught on cellphone video physically assaulting an unidentified female customer, who appears Black. Both Lim and the unidentified female employee appear to be Asian American.

The confrontation apparently began when store employees accused the unidentified customer of shoplifting. However, the customer is heard in unedited videotape footage immediately denying the charge, and inviting employees to check her purse. Less than a minute later, Lim and the other store employee again confronted the customer which devolved into a shoving match. Lim then escalated the confrontation by shoving the customer in the throat, kicking her multiple times, and eventually placing her in a chokehold — a potentially life-threatening maneuver — while the customer pleads for him to get off of her. Indeed, eyewitnesses say that the customer was gasping for air while Lim was on top of her. Reports The Root:

“When he was choking her, he was almost choking her to death. She was gasping for breath, and he was continually choking her,” Teresa Mosely, a customer who buys from Missha Beauty three times a week but says that she won’t continue doing so, told the news station.

Lim later took full responsibility for the attack.

“I don’t know; it just happened. I went crazy,” Lim said. “No matter what the reason, I feel very sorry to her and to them.

“This is my fault,” he added, saying that he would give the store’s security footage to the local police. “I have to take the whole video and give it to the police.”

Lim continues to allege that the customer was attempting to shoplift some items, and says that security camera footage will corroborate his story. But, even if true, that does not even come close to justifying Lim’s vigilante violence which might have taken this unnamed customer’s life.

Last week’s attack in Charlotte cannot help but remind us of the murder of 15-year-old Latasha Harlins, twenty-six years ago almost to the day. On March 16, 1991, Harlins was shot and killed by 51-year-old Soon Ja Du, who erroneously accused Harlins of trying to shoplift a bottle of orange juice. Du physically grabbed Harlins by the sweater and attempted to take her backpack. When Harlins struck Du multiple times and pushed her away, Du threw a stool at her. Harlins then threw the orange juice on the counter and turned to leave the store when Du pulled out a handgun and shot Harlins in the back of the head, killing the teenaged girl instantly. Du was charged with voluntary manslaughter, and was found guilty of the charge by jurors. However, although jurors recommended that Du receive the maximum sentence of 16 years in prison for the crime, the judge instead sentenced Du to five years probation, 400 hours of community service, and a $500 fine.

During her trial, Du claimed self-defense and said she believed her life was in danger. This is all too common a defense invoked by those who assault Black bodies and who take Black lives. In the killing of Trayvon Martin, George Zimmerman claimed he was in fear for his life. In the killing of Michael Brown, ex-cop Darren Wilson claimed he was in fear for his life. In the killing of Rekia Boyd, ex-detective Dante Servin claimed he was in fear for his life. A recent study published in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology found that study participants perceived young Black men as larger and more physically threatening than young White men of equal size and shape. More importantly, participants also believed that police were more justified in using physical force to subdue young Black men compared to young White men of equal build. Fear,  it seems, is invoked more by skin colour than by body size.

When non-Black people rush to exercise physical — and too often, lethal — force against Black folks, this is anti-blackness in among its purest forms. When we pre-emptively justify assault against Black bodies based on the imagined threat of Black dangerousness, we deny the possibility of Black innocence and we commit violent erasure of Black humanity.

Inevitably, there will be those in the Asian American community who will defend Sung Ho Lim’s actions. They will point out that Asian American store owners are often the victims of strong-arm robbery. They will cite examples — of which there are many — of Chinese food deliverymen being robbed and assaulted for the petty cash they carry. Some might even see Lim’s actions as payback for the rash of random assaults that have taken the lives of Asian American victims, such as the fatal beating of 77-year-old Lin Leung in San Francisco last year. Many have rightfully pointed out that this may be evidence of a pattern of racially-influenced violence targeting Asian American victims of opportunity. This is likely true, and a serious problem of rising hate crime violence targeting our community that Asian Americans must work to highlight and end. (Incidentally, Advancing Justice recently launched the first-ever tracker of hate crimes against Asian Americans.)

But, violence does not rationalize violence. To argue that those who commit acts of violence against Asian Americans justify the commission of violence against others who may (or may not) share the same race as those original attackers is to give in to racist logic. And, it should go without saying: racism cannot be used as a tool to end racism.

Many Asian American families have built wealth in America by creating small businesses that service predominantly Black communities. For decades,  the cultural residue of redlining also excluded Asian Americans from living in (or establishing businesses in) other urban areas, but Asian Americans were also not subject to the same institutionalized racism and classism that denied business loans to Black aspiring entrepreneurs. As a result, an entire generation of Asian Americans store owners arose that supported themselves and their families by servicing predominantly Black customers.

And so, it is all the more damaging if an Asian American store owner shows nothing but contempt, disrespect and violence for the customers whose patronage they rely upon. When Soon Ja Du would sooner shoot Latasha Harlins over a bottle of orange juice; when Sung Ho Lim would sooner place a customer in a chokehold over an accusation of shoplifting; when anti-blackness forms the basis of the interaction between shopkeeper and customer, this is when entrepreneurship becomes exploitation.

Asian Americans occupy a precarious space in America’s racial landscape (recently commented on in Jordan Peele’s Get Out) wherein we are simultaneously proximal to Whiteness while excluded from it. The Model Minority Myth, which influences much of Asian America’s racial positionality, remains a construct of anti-blackness and was historically popularized as a condemnation of Black civil rights. So, it is all the more important that we do the work of fighting our own internalized racism. This begins by confronting the outright fear and disdain of Black folks that is too often found within the Asian American community. We must do more to push back against the alt-right mythos of Black cultural and intellectual inferiority that is too often repeated within Asian American circles. We must do more to view the taking of a Black life as an unforgivable act.

It is up to us to challenge the anti-blackness in our midst. Sadly, it is also clear that there is still so much work for us to do.


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  • There is no merchandise for sale on this planet that is worth a person’s life. A shopkeeper does not have the right to use unreasonable force to detain a suspected shoplifter. Placing a person into a chokehold — endangering that person’s life — over a $5 pair of false eyelashes is not a reasonable use of force.

    Suspecting a person of having committed a non-violent crime of petty theft — whether or not they are later found guilty of doing so or not — doesn’t give another person the right to completely circumvent the law and commit life-threatening violence against them.

  • TeLin??

    There is no merchandise on earth that would make me risk my life.

    So that’s why I don’t steal.

    I have no sympathy for those that do.

    They have no respect for themselves or others…so why care?

    Bigotry of low expectations.

  • MelaninManson

    It is not enough to expect the alleged thief to display responsible choices unless you are willing to expect responsible conduct from all the parties involved. When the store owner resorted to physical violence, he lost all moral authority in this situation. To condemn the alleged thief and defend the store owner here is to suggest that theft is punishable by physical violence but physical violence is not punishable, a weak and unpersuasive argument.

  • TeLin??

    You have a right to defend yourself and your property.
    I know SocJus and marxists don’t believe in property though.

  • MelaninManson

    A belief in property here is immaterial. If the store owner believed that a theft occurred, the sensible next step was to call for police assistance, not to act like a deputized law enforcement officer. This is simple — the store owner put himself at considerable risk, all over one alleged petty thief. His position was not and is not logical, and your knee-jerk support for his position is as absurd.


    Hard to lose the anti-blackness when you get beat up, robbed, assaulted, called chink and all kinds of names constantly. This attitude towards blackness didn’t just appear out of thin air, asian immigrants didn’t come here to be racist towards blacks. It was cultivated by constant victimization from members of the black community.

    It’s like telling asians to “get over it” and just become quiet sheep to be preyed upon. You’re telling asians to change their “anti-blackness” when the attitude of the black community towards asians has not changed one bit.

    This is the reality for asians living in the hood:

  • Martin Baker

    “There is no merchandise for sale on this planet that is worth a person’s life.”

    A farmer kills pests that steal or damage their property. What’s the difference in treating thieves the same? Are humans special? Where’s the proof.

  • Drew Peacock

    More propaganda … Asians need to start fighting back physically it works for me every time someone calls me a “Niggah” … it’s not a term of endearment dumbass kids. Now if you’re Chinese that’s okay since it’s their language “You” means Niggah in Chinese … Odd the way the universe works. Cultural Appropriation perhaps.

  • Drew Peacock

    Asians need to start fighting back physically it works for me every time someone calls me a “Niggah” … it’s not a term of endearment dumbass kids. Now if you’re Chinese that’s okay since it’s their language “You” means Niggah in Chinese … Odd the way the universe works. Cultural Appropriation perhaps.

  • Drew Peacock

    Stop Race Baiting.

  • Drew Peacock
  • Dara Boykin

    Oh fucking please. Your anti-blackness has nothing to do with the treatment you received from black people. Black people don’t fucking like you BECAUSE asians are so anti black. Just like white people, your people abuse African Americans and then claim to be victims when you receive retaliation. You sound no different from the white people who always have an excuse for theur racism. Killing a woman because you THINK she is stealing a bottle of fucking juice she clearly was offering the money to pay for, even after eaves that exact item right on your counter, is inexcusable. Putting someone in a choke hold because you think they’ve robbed your business, rather than inspecting their property that they’ve WILLINGLY offered up to you, is inexcusable. Asians wonder why black people don’t like ya’ll, when it’s really not that hard to understand; you literally make the same excuses ignorant racist white people do.

  • Dara Boykin

    It’s funny how you assume that the customer stole. The exact customer who offered her belongings up for inspection to prove no wrongdoing. It’s almost like you assholes assume that an accusation is as good as being guilty

  • Dara Boykin

    Stop ignoring issues of racism and calling it race baiting

  • TeLin??

    “you assholes”

    STFU you racist.

    I know you are used to being see as the “oppressed” race in the usa, but you could try not being such an insufferable racist.

    If she offered up…why did she attack?


  • TeLin??

    “abuse….oppress….whine whine whine”

  • Dara Boykin

    I’m a fool, but your dumb ass couldn’t even comprehend the part where the report says she clearly offered it up. I love how I’m racist for pointing out your ignorance, but you somehow have a defense for your own racist ideology

  • TeLin??

    You must have poor reading comprehension.

    I’m not saying that it’s right what happened to Latasha.

    It’s a chicken-or the egg thing. You think asians just magically started being suspicious or racist against blacks just for no reason?

    Clearly the attitudes and reason why asians are so knee-jerk is because they assume negative things, and these assumptions didn’t pop up out of thin air. Did you even watch the above video? Blacks are cruel to asians often for no reason, and they steal and shoplift from asian businesses and even assault or kill the clerks. Hell blacks do it to black-owned businesses and kill or attack their own, why would they not to it to asian outsiders?

    To try and claim black people are not racist against asians is laughable.

    Look when Jeremy Lin played for the Knicks, when he left to Houston his page was full of hate speech from black fans calling him all kinds of racist slurs and ching chong fortune cookie jokes. Look at the freestyle battles between Jin and black rappers that were on BET, all the punchlines against him are clearly racist while Jin never stoops to using racism against them (because obviously it’s wrong when it’s done to black people but asians are fair game in America)