#Election2014: A Mostly Disappointing Night for Asian American & Pacific Islander Politicos

Infographic by APAICS.
These aren’t the election results you deserve, but these are the election results you’re going to get right now (Infographic by APAICS).

2014 was a record-breaking year for Asian American and Pacific Islander political candidates: this year, 39 AAPI candidates launched a campaign for Congressional office compared to 29 in 2012 and only 8 in 2010. 22 AAPI candidates made it past their primary races compared to only 13 two years ago. Four AAPIs were running in a gubernatorial race with an additional 3 competing for the Lt. Governor’s office in Hawaii. An unprecedented 159 AAPI candidates were running for a local elected office in 26 states.

Election Night 2014 was certainly shaping up to be a big night for AAPI political representation. Sadly, this just wasn’t our year. After the jump, here’s the the breakdown of what happened last night.

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Top 10 Reasons Why #AAPI Need To Vote Today | #OurVoteMatters


It’s that time again – today is Election Day, and the stakes couldn’t be higher. AAPI aren’t traditionally viewed as a significant coalition of voters; yet nothing could be further from the truth. Voting is, in fact, an essential component of American citizenship and a right that all AAPI voters should exercise today and on all Election Days.

Here are the top 10 reasons why you should head to the polls today, if you haven’t already.

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